We are looking for hard-working, enthusiastic professionals and even amateurs wanting to try their hand at writing to join our team. If you are interested in our goal and vision, please send your CV and interests over to  [email protected] & [email protected]

Aaron is a Business Administration major at National Cheng Kung University. He will be covering topics related to business and economy, especially M&A strategy, CSR issues, marketing strategy and financial issues.
Abhishek is a developer and a contributing author. His coverage and opinions about Taiwan is an essential part of the publication. He's always well aware of the current events of Taiwan and has shown consistency in the ability to curate the content with other publications. He is best at Public Relations which he primarily does for our publication. You can connect with him at [email protected]
Bryan is a Legal Studies and Philosophy major at NYU Abu Dhabi. He will be writing opinion pieces and covering topics related to government policy for The Taiwan Times.
A Business major at National Taiwan University, Charlene Lin will be covering business-related topics for The Taiwan Times in addition to issues related to the history of the country, and observations on Taiwanese society.
ChiaoHsi is a junior student from the Department of Visual Communication Design, and Department of English at the University of Washington. In her spare time, she loves to paint, and she sells her paintings at A/NT gallery in downtown Seattle.
Evelina is a Marketing student at The University of Liverpool in the United Kingdom. She has stayed in multiple countries during her study, and is a self-confessed lover of travel who likes to explore the world. She will be covering travel topics for The Taiwan Times.
Joe is an enthusiastic amateur traveler who likes to explore new spots and stay as active as possible. She will be covering tourist attractions in Taiwan, and intends to spread more love from Taiwan to the world.
Jonathan is a sportswriter whose primary interests are football and rugby. Since moving to Taiwan, he has taken a keen interest in local sporting endeavors writing about football and baseball, as well as NCAA Football in the US.
Jordan is an undergrad at National Chengchi University, interested in cultural exchanges, and sharing. He also has a passion for about domestic and global current affairs.
Leticia is majoring in journalism studies at the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom. She is interested in global news and social issues including human rights, as well as being a huge cat lover.
LuLu is an undergrad major in International Studies and minor in Japanese at the University of California, Irvine. She's a cat person and an amateur in music arrangement.
Mark is a journalism vet of 20 years with most of those years spent in Tokyo, Japan, as a columnist for The Japan Times and numerous other publications. His work has appeared on CNN, in the BBC, NPR, and in several dozen other media forms and publications across five continents.
While majoring in International Relations at National Taiwan University, Mindy spends her extracurricular time in a volunteering club as a mentor in remote areas of Taiwan. She is interested in outdoor activities and interacting with people from all walks of life. She will be covering Area Guides and conducting interviews for The Taiwan Times.
Naomi is an Economics major at National Taiwan University. She loves traveling, reading, and exploring new things in different fields in her spare time. She has a particular interest in feminist issues.
Ruei is a World Politics student at Leiden University College in the Netherlands. She loves photography, hiking, and actively volunteers for NGOs including Amnesty International. She will cover various opinion topics and soon, videos for The Taiwan Times.
A student at National Taiwan University majoring in Management, Sean is Interested in movies, music and transportation issues.
Tina is a student at National Chengchi University majoring in Business Administration and Psychology. She not only likes to explore new destinations but is also a vegetarian foodie. She will introduce her favorite spots and restaurants in Taiwan she has visited and checked out.
Yu Shen is a graduate of National Taiwan University, majoring in Social Work. She will be covering society-related topics for The Taiwan Times as well as offering her observations on Taiwanese politics.
Zoe Wang is The Taiwan Times link to youth culture. At present a full-time student at a well known university, she writes for campus publications and will be our eyes and ears about town covering everything from cafe culture to the entertainment biz.
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