Meet the Team

   Kevin Lin – Chief Editor

I am Kevin Lin, the founder, and Editor-in-Chief of TheTaiwanTimes. An Internet Influencer and an amateur photographer. I have spent my entire life in Taiwan and my aim is to deliver bias-free news in English Format to all the people interested in Taiwan and its domains.

 Tsung Tsai Han-  Journalist

Tsung covers news about politics, culture, and sports on TheTaiwanTimes. He is a grad student at MIT Sloan School of Management that makes his contribution on our publication with his knowledge in politics and journalism.

 Cheng Han- Journalist

Cheng Han is a full-time journalist in TheTaiwanTimes team who is the biggest in age among all of us. He is highly knowledgable of the events happening in Taiwan and has been into journalism for more than 25 years now. He previously worked at United Daily News.

 Abhishek Jariwala – Contributing Author

Abhishek is a developer and a contributing author. His coverage and opinions about Taiwan is an essential part of the publication. He’s always well aware of the current events of Taiwan and has shown consistency in the ability to curate the content with other publications. He is best at Public Relations which he primarily does for our publication.


We are looking for hard-working, enthusiastic professionals to join our team. If you are interested in our goal and vision of excellence, please send your CV and cover letter to [email protected]


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