As the COVID-19 pandemic has begun to wind down in Taiwan, and the country slowly starts to get back on track, the national and local governments have unveiled a range of voucher programs to boost the post-COVID19 economy. 

Following are five revitalization vouchers available to all Taiwanese citizens, and non-Taiwanese married to local citizens – in an at-a-glance format – with a brief intro for each.

Foreign spouses must have Alien Resident Certificates to participate.

And if you add them all up, the face value comes to NT $5150! Not bad for a few keyboard clicks!

For all the official information, please click the website links under each voucher.

Triple Stimulus Voucher – issued by the Ministry of Economic Affairs(MOEA)


Taiwanese citizens, newborns born before 2020/12/31, and spouses of Taiwanese nationals who hold residency permits are eligible for this voucher, allowing people to buy NT $3000 worth of shopping vouchers for just NT $1000. The vouchers can be used to shop at selected stores, buy train tickets, and even pay for taxi fares. But online shopping, including PChome, MOMO, Shopee, paying tax…etc. are not part of the deal.  

There are three ways to apply for them:

For those who prefer paper vouchers, three rounds of pre-orders can be made.

Pre-order the vouchers on the website from July 1 – 7, from July8 – 12, and from August 1 – 7; then collect them between 8am, and 10pm July 15 – 31, from July 22 – 31, and from August 15 – 31 at a pre-selected convenience store.

Pre-ordering Collect date
Round 1 July 1 – 7 July 15 – 31
Round 2 July 8 – 12 July 22 – 31
Round 3 Aug.1 – 7 Aug. 15 – 31


Another option for the printed voucher is picking them up at post offices throughout the country from July 15 – December 31, Monday to Friday, or on Saturday July 18 and Saturday July 25. 

For people who wish to use the digital format of these stimulus vouchers, they can register credit cards, stored value cards or mobile payment apps from July 1, and get a refund of NT2000 after spending NT3000 at designated stores between July 15 and December 31.

Culture Voucher – issued by the Ministry of Culture(MOC)


Considering the triple stimulus voucher may not contribute much to the arts and culture related industries, the Ministry of Culture has issued two million stimulus e-vouchers of NT $600 each to help revitalize the industry.

Taiwanese citizens and foreign spouses who hold residency permits are eligible for these culture vouchers.

People must download and install an app on their smartphone starting from July 18, at 9am, and on July 21, at 12pm, the ministry will draw two million ‘straws’ on a live stream.

With thousands of businesses participating, people who get lucky may start using them from July 22 through to December 31 at places including bookstores, cinemas, museums, performance venues, and record stores …etc., which can be checked on a special map in the app.

LIMITS: on-line bookstores are not included. 

Agricultural Traveling Voucher – issued by the Council of Agriculture(COA)


People who love to experience farm life would not want to miss this opportunity.

Taiwanese citizens and their foreign spouses with a resident certificate can register on the website before July 18, 23:59, and 2.5 million vouchers each valued at NT $250 will be drawn on July 19, at 12pm.

They can be used until December 31 at agricultural experience activities, specialties at leisure farms, forest recreation areas …etc. Please note that this voucher can only be used at places which is not in your current residence area.

Check the cooperating partners list at

Sports Voucher – issued by the Sports Administration


Taiwanese citizens and their foreign spouses with a resident certificate can register on the website from July 20 – July 26.

Five million NT $400 vouchers will then be drawn at 3:30pm on July 28, and the winners will be informed by email or text message. People can use this voucher to watch sports in a stadium or shop for sporting goods from August 1 to December 31.

Check the cooperating partners list at:

Hakka E-Coupon – issued by the Hakka Affairs Council


Taiwanese citizens and their foreign spouses with a resident certificate can register for an NT $800 Hakka E-Coupon through the official LINE account(@hakka_gov) .

The two rounds of registration will taken place between: July 15, 9am and July 19, and July 22 9am and July 26.

The first round is specially designed for families with elderly members aged above 65 years of age, and the latter round is open to everyone.

The results will be announced on July 20 and July 27 respectively.

The Hakka E-Coupon can be used at 70 special promotion zones in 11 cities from August 1 till the end of the year.

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