Five Stimulus Vouchers Available To All! … almost

As the COVID-19 pandemic has begun to wind down in Taiwan, and…

The 2020 Taipei Film Festival – Coming Soon!

Taking place from June 25th to July 11th, the 2020 Taipei Film…

The Bold, The Corrupt, And The Beautiful – An Insight Into Modern Taiwanese Culture

Editor’s Note: In the first of a series of pieces looking at…
Taiwan and Japan to work side by side

Taiwan Through Japanese Eyes – Pt II – COVID-19 & WHO

Continuing from her piece yesterday, Mindy asked her Japanese interviewees in Taiwan…
The flags of Japan and Taiwan

Taiwan Through Japanese Eyes – Pt. I – Mangoes & 3C

Editor’s note: On the back of her widely read piece earlier this…

Taiwan Through Malaysian Eyes & Vice-Versa

Editor’s note: Late last month statistics available through Taiwan’s Ministry of Labor…
Yiwne, subject of our latest interview on life under COVID-19

Yiwen On Taiwan / Malaysia Virus Responses

… it really stresses me out that people here keep stockpiling necessities such as napkins, eggs, and meat. Daily supplies might soon run out if people don’t stop panic buying.
Abbey talks to The Taiwan Times on COVID-19

It Was Then I Felt Discriminated Against: Abbey

For instance, I once slightly cleared my throat on a bus in Paris during my travels, and was given dirty looks by the other passengers immediately.
Christine kindly agreed to answer our questions

Christine On Coronavirus – A Medical Student’s Take

our negative pressure isolation rooms, medical staff, and medical equipment are all limited
Subject of our interview - Tiffany poses for the camera

Tiffany Gives Her Views On Living Under COVID-19

Born in Taiwan, Tiffany Ren moved to the United States after middle…
Clementine, subject of our latest COVID-19 interview

Clementine On Living Under the COVID-19 Pandemic

Whilst spending her days as a senior student majoring in English at…