We are looking for hard-working, enthusiastic professionals and even amateurs wanting to try their hand at writing to join our team. If you are interested in our goal and vision, please send your CV and interests over to  [email protected].


Amy is a Taiwanese graduate student based in Phoenix, Arizona, currently home in Hsinchu to ride out the COVID-19 pandemic. She has a passion for Hakka culture, and the rights of minorities around the world. She will cover SE Asian news and topics.
Boya is an undergraduate student majoring in Quantitative Finance at National Tsing Hua University. Her interests are in the finance and technology fields, and she will primarily be covering finance and tech topics for The Taiwan Times.
Carol Chen is an undergraduate student from Waseda University in Japan, majoring in International Liberal Studies. She will be covering political topics in the East Asian region for The Taiwan Times.
Majoring in Chinese literature and minoring in Foreign language and literature in NTU, I have developed an interest in literature and movie arts. My experience in extracurricular activities such as volunteering abroad, cultural exchanges, and performing arts make me a girl with an open heart and a thin skin.
A Business major at National Taiwan University, Charlene Lin will be covering business-related topics for The Taiwan Times in addition to issues related to the history of the country, and observations on Taiwanese society.
Emily is a student majoring in Economics and Philosophy at the University of Hong Kong. She is an avid art and music lover who aspires to share the beauty of her home, Taiwan, with the rest of the world. She will be covering art-related events and topics in Taiwan.
Evelina is a Marketing student at The University of Liverpool in the United Kingdom. She has stayed in multiple countries during her study, and is a self-confessed lover of travel who likes to explore the world. She will be covering travel topics for The Taiwan Times.
Han Li, a political columnist at The Taiwan Times, specializes in politics, governance, economics, and international relations. He reports on crucial socioeconomic and political developments in opinion and analytical pieces with regional foci on Taiwan, South Korea, China, and broader East Asia. Stay informed with his thought-provoking articles.
Originally from Taiwan, Hedy Yang graduated with a master's degree in communication from Northwestern University. Aside from news writing, Hedy loves composing, podcasting, and voice acting. She is currently pursuing her second master's degree in communication at Columbia University.
Majoring in Mass Communication Studies and minoring in Psychology and Criminal Justice at The State University of New York- Albany. Ivona is a food, music, and travel lover who likes to explore new things and share her beautiful hometown, Taiwan, with the world as actively as possible.
A baseball fan, loyal Liverpool supporter, and a passionate multimedia journalist with an MA Journalism degree from Goldsmiths, University of London. With a full-fledged understanding of sports, business, and politics, he will bring the latest stories from London.
Jonathan is a sportswriter whose primary interests are football and rugby. Since moving to Taiwan, he has taken a keen interest in local sporting endeavors writing about football and baseball, as well as NCAA Football in the US.
Jordan is an undergrad at National Chengchi University, interested in cultural exchanges, and sharing. He also has a passion for about domestic and global current affairs.
Joy recently graduated from the University of Macau in the Biomedical Sciences, but has decided that writing suits him more than the lab bench. He loves bubble tea, anime and getting lost in foreign places.
Joyce is a recent graduate from UCSD majoring in International Business. She is currently back home in Taiwan. She enjoys photography and exploring Instagrammable cafes. She will be covering lifestyle content and local hot spots.
Kent is currently major in the Department of Foreign Language and Literature in National Sun Yat-Sen University. He is interested in politics, environmental issues as well as many issues that can be found in our daily lives.
Lisa is an Eastender from London in her second year in Taipei where she teaches English, and in her spare time writes poetry. She is a practicing vegan and lover of yoga who lives 'off-grid' as much as possible. She is our weekend editor.
LuLu is an undergrad major in International Studies and minor in Japanese at the University of California, Irvine. She's a cat person and an amateur in music arrangement.
Lynn holds a Masters of Industrial Design from Tunghai University, and now works in a place-making team. Her favorite things are wandering around historic cities & seeing exhibitions on a laid-back afternoon. Lynn will cover local guides and exhibitions around Taiwan for TTT.
Mark is a journalism vet of 20 years with most of those years spent in Tokyo, Japan, as a columnist for The Japan Times and numerous other publications. His work has appeared on CNN, in the BBC, NPR, and in several dozen other media forms and publications across five continents.
While majoring in International Relations at National Taiwan University, Mindy spends her extracurricular time in a volunteering club as a mentor in remote areas of Taiwan. She is interested in outdoor activities and interacting with people from all walks of life. She will be covering Area Guides and conducting interviews for The Taiwan Times.
Monica is an undergraduate at the University of California, Berkeley, double majoring in Political Science and Society & Environment. She is interested in law, environmental issues, international politics, and the entertainment industry. In her free time, Monica enjoys watching a wide variety of television shows.
Quinn is an undergraduate electrical engineer and computer scientist attending the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science at Columbia University. His mission is to cover technological innovation and inform readers on modern research and discoveries. He enjoys producing music and tinkering with circuits.
The editors at SparkAmpLab aim to highlight innovative but under-the-radar startups that deliver innovative and revolutionary solutions and spread their truly impactful work to the people.
Tianqi Shi is a master’s student majoring in Economics and Education at Columbia University. She has rich intern experience in the Investment bank department and the Investment research department. She focused on the capital market and provide deep insight into investment.
Tina is a student at National Chengchi University majoring in Business Administration and Psychology. She not only likes to explore new destinations but is also a vegetarian foodie. She will introduce her favorite spots and restaurants in Taiwan she has visited and checked out.
Yihsuan is a recent graduate of Leiden University College in the Netherlands. She has graduated with a BSc in Governance, Economics, and Development. She will be writing about political and economic affairs in Europe and East Asia.
Yvonne is a student in humanities and social science at Taipei First Girls’ High School. In her free time, she reads news, goes to lectures and exhibitions on various topics. She is willing to share her view as a high school student with The Taiwan Times.
Zejun Li is an M.A. candidate in studying Economics and Education at Columbia University. Prior to attending the graduate school, Zejun Li completed her dual degrees in four years at the Ohio State University-Columbus. She studied in both Economics and Public Policy Analysis under two different colleges in OSU, one is B.A. from the College of Arts & Sciences, the other is B.S. from the John Glenn College of Public Affairs. Also, Zejun worked as the only undergraduate student researcher and analyzed data in a professional university research team that has established history of publishing research in leading peer-reviewed field.