A gunman has killed 10 people near Los Angeles in a ballroom dance studio. California police have identified him as Huu Can Tran. However, the police found him dead later in a white van.

The dead man has a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Police declared him dead at the same time.

Lunar New Year celebrations have started in Monterey Park. The celebration is popular for its havoc Asia population.

The police do have a clear understanding of the motive. In the shooting scenario, the police found that 10 people had wounds. 7 of them are still under treatment in the hospital. Some of them are having critical condition. The news came from the Sheriff.

Police did not identify those 10 people. However, one thing is clear they are in their 50’s and 60’s or more. According to officials, criminals have killed 5 men and 5 women of Asian descent.

The mass shooting is one of the most terrible acts in the history of California. It started around 22:22 local time the last Saturday. It took place in Monterey Park’s famous Star Ballroom Dance.

After 30 minutes after the incident, the gunman arrived at another dance studio in Alhambra. 2 people managed to seize its weapon. The weapon included a semi-auto assault pistol having an extended magazine.

The weapon is illegal in California. However, there is a further need for investigation. The sheriff has praised those 2 people who disarmed the gunman.

After 12 hours of the shooting, the SWAT swarmed a white van in Torrance. The Sheriff also said that they heard a single gunshot. And they went towards the car and found the gunman dead. They recovered a handgun. However, the Sheriff believes that the gunman was alone in this plan and there was no suspect.

The police said that someone stole the number plates from the van. Law and order had canceled the New Year Lunar celebrations. The businesses also started to remove the red lanterns and the festive banners.

Credits: BBC

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