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Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, makes an appeal to Germany. It asks for tanks and arms supplies from the nation. The European and the US nations have already promised more equipment. The aim is to fight the invasion of Russia.

Berlin is encountering pressure, and it needs to send its Leopard 2 tanks. Mr. Zelensky has requested these tanks as well. He also said that the tanks would not go through Russia as the target was only to defend. He criticized the hesitant attitude of the government of Germany.

Defense officials from more than 50 nations will meet at Ramstein. It is more than 11 months since Russia launched its war against Ukraine. The military officials of Nato believe that Moscow is set for a spring offensive with troops.

The United Kingdom has provided 14 more battle tanks. However, there is a requirement for more. Germany will need to give its permission before nations like Finland or Poland.

Berlin said that the decision regarding the Leopard was conditional. On Thursday, Germany said that its position would become clear soon. President Zelensky took aim at the perceived hesitancy of Berlin. Germany and the US were planning to commit vehicles only if other countries did the same.

Zelensky commented that it is not the right strategy for executing things. He also called for strong decisions. Washington also hesitated to give its turbine tanks. It is not only difficult to maintain them, but also it has a jet turbine.

Russia also warned all the western nations that offering tanks to Ukraine is dangerous. The western countries pledged to send more vehicles, arms supplies, munitions, and artillery. The goal was to bolster the war effort in Ukraine.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is not something new. It is happing for about one year. Things have become different. And people are trying to calm the situation down.

Credits: BBC

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