Leopard 2 tanks
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The defense minister of Ukraine had a peaceful discussion about the Leopard 2 tanks. He discussed it with Germany. Kyiv needs it to confront the armor of Russia.

 However, Germany did not decide yet if they need to send the Leopard 2 tanks or not. Or they are not sure that they will allow other nations to do the same. However, there is havoc pressure on Berlin to take action.

Kyiv is also going to get several Nato weapons. A meeting took place earlier at Ramstein Air Base in Germany. It came to an agreement to supply more air defense systems, ammunition, and vehicles.

However, the Leopard 2 tanks can become a game-changer for Ukraine. The most common reason is that these tanks are easy to maintain. And these tanks can compete with the Russian T-90 tanks. Russia is using T-90 tanks to invade Ukraine.

Boris Pistorius, the Defense Minister of Germany, has divided opinions about supplying the tanks. Also, he denied that Berlin hesitated for a move like that.

Many nations want to supply Leopards, such as Finland and Poland. But, according to the German Export Laws, they cannot do so until Berlin permits them.

The president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, praised the Nato partners as they have assisted. Nato has provided a military to Ukraine. And the nation still needs to combat the supply of new-gen leopards.

There is no alternative, and it is essential to settle the discussion about the tanks. Most of the current tanks in Ukraine are old soviet models. Russian firepower is outnumbering and outgunning them.

Over 2,000 Leopards are there in warehouses in Europe. And the president thinks that 300 can defeat the Russian firepower.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is nothing new. And there is an urgent need for settlement. The world economy is also facing problems. However, nothing is sure about their future moves.

Credits: BBC

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