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The US DoJ investigators discovered 6 more classified documents at Joe Biden’s home in Delaware. Ina 13-hour search mission, they discovered the documents. The news came from a lawyer for Biden.

Some of the documents involved Biden’s time as a senator. There was also some from Biden’s tenure as vice president under Barrack Obama. Biden and his wife were not present at that time.

President Joe Biden has allowed DoJ to access his home to search for the whole premise. The aim was to discover potential classified documents and vice-presidential records.

The former president of the nation Donald Trump is encountering a criminal investigation. It is because he has mishandled the classified files.

This month, the law discovered the 1st batch of the documents on 2nd November. They also discovered it at the Penn Biden Center.

They discovered the 2nd -batch of the records on 20th December in the garage of Wilmington. Some of the documents lay in the storage space on 12th January.

However, after the discovery of the documents, the president turned them in to the Justice Department. There is also no clear information about why Biden kept them. The government has appointed Robert Hur, a special counsel, to lead the investigation.

The subsequent discovery and the lengthy search for more documents is a headache for the president. Biden and his wife are spending the weekends in Rehoboth Beach in Delaware. Earlier, there was a search in the same place as well. However, the good news is that there was no news about the discovery of the classified files.

People are raising awkward questions to the president regarding transparency. However, Mr. Biden has cooperated with the DoJ inquiry. He holds no regrets.

Donald Trump and the lawyers resisted handling the documents until the FBI raided his holiday home. The FBI raided his holiday home in Florida on August 2022. However, the way Mr. trump handled the document is bad.

Credits: BBC

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