The Congress Republicans want to see the visitor logs for Joe Biden’s homes. They argue that the discovery of classified files can leave the nation at risk.

The US president Joe Biden has made an acknowledgment. He said that in the garage of his house in Delaware, he found some sensitive material. The White House also deflected when people asked for the visitors log.

The department of justice has hired an investigator to look into the files. A few days back, people found sensitive documents at the Penn Biden Center in Washington. These documents also had papers that dated from Biden’s time as a Vice President.

Also, at Mr. Biden’s home in Wilmington, Delaware, people found a second cache. The lawyers of Mr. Biden called the investigators on Thursday morning. They also notified the team about extra documents found at the same place.

This is an extraordinary incident for the republicans. The attorney general has appointed Robert Hur to lead the files’ investigation. Kevin McCarthy accused Mr. Biden of mishandling all the sensitive papers. He also added that this is why the people of America cannot trust the government.

A Kentucky congressman James Comer wants to know who has full access to the US president. Ken Buck, the Colorado Republican, also demanded the release of every visitor logs.

Elise Stefanik said that the Visitor logs were a valuable matter in terms of national security. Also, the department of justice is investigating the former US president, Donald Trump.

Mr. Biden has said that his lawyers have already notified the matters of the officials. And he is very serious about the matter.

The president’s lawyers have also searched the home of Mr. Biden in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. The president’s attorney has also said that they are cooperating with the justice department. However, the truth is that the lawyers of the president and the president as well is cooperating. The US president has spent a huge amount of time working from his house in Rehoboth or Wilmington.

Credits: BBC

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