Alireza Akbari

Alireza Akbari is a British-Iranian dual national. Iran earlier sentenced him to death. And the nation has executed the man.

The judicial has asked the family of Akbari to go on a list visit to Alireza Akbari. His wife said that he moved to solitary confinement.

He was the ex-deputy Iranian defense minister. The government arrested him in 2019. They blamed him for spying on the United Kingdom. However, he denied it.

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Rishi Sunak, marked the execution as a callous act. And he added that this is barbaric behavior from Iran.

The rulers of Iran had no respect for the human rights of their nation, according to Mr. Sunak. He also said that he was thinking about Alireza’s family and friends.

Indeed, the judiciary has hanged Alireza Akbari. But they did not specify the particular date of execution. A few days back, Iran posted a video of Alireza Akbari. The video was like a forced confession from Akbari. The intelligence ministry of the nation also said that Akbari was the most crucial agent. He was doing a British Intelligence service in Iran.

As per audio from Mr. Alireza Akbari, the judiciary has forced him to confess the crimes de did not do. According to him, they also tortured him for confessing things on camera.

Also, the United States joined calls and requested not to kill Alireza. A US diplomat said that the execution is unconscionable and is motivated. The Foreign Office of the UK was supporting Mr. Alireza’s family. Also, it has requested emergency consular access. However, the government of Iran does not consider dual nationality for Iranians.

Iran has arrested several Iranians having dual nationality or permanent residency in Iran. In most cases, it happened on national security and spying charges. 2 British Iranians are in detention. It also includes Morad Tahbaz, who possesses US citizenship.

Credits: BBC

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