Germany and US

Germany and US have finally decided to send Leopard tanks to Ukraine after two weeks of reluctance. Kyiv said this move could be a game changer for Ukraine in the war against Russia. Chancellor Olaf Scholz permits to send of 14 Leopard tanks to Wednesday’s cabinet meeting. Furthermore, he encouraged other countries to do the same.

Germany and US are allying on the matter with US President Joe Biden’s administration’s similar decisions. The US may also announce to send off of at least 30 M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine, reports suggest.

A Kremlin spokesman commented on the news saying these tanks will burn like the rest. Dmitry Peskov also came forth and said that the tank would only provide false hopes to the Ukraine army. Adding to the statement, it will be a failed plan soon enough.

Ukrainian officials, pressing on the matter, said that they are in urgent need of heavy weapons and tanks. The tanks can help them revoke their army and provide them with enough weaponry to take back some territory from Russia.

Germany and US have come together by setting aside their differences to provide tanks to Ukraine. The decision hides the weeks of debates both in Germany and the US to reach the decision.

Now, Germany also allowed other nations to send the Leopard 2 to Ukraine and removed the restrictions. US unnamed officials said that they could send at least 30 tanks to Ukraine. The tanks can be M1 Abrams, which can make a significant difference.

Experts suggest that Ukraine needs 300 advanced tanks to win the war. If a dozen Western nations can provide 14 tanks each, it can make a difference. The modern western tanks can include Germany’s Leopard 2, UK’s Challenger 2, and the US-made Abrams, which are superior to Soviet-era counterparts, like the ubiquitous T-72.

This news brings signs of hope to Ukraine, but it will still take more than a month for these tanks to reach the real fighting grounds and make a difference.

Credits: BBC

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