With the nationally available stimulus voucher program to come into effect starting mid-July, the mayor of Taiwan’s second largest city, Taichung, Lu Shiow-yen attended a press conference earlier in June to announced that the nationwide voucher system will complement the Taichung Shopping Festival, which makes its debut at the start of next month.

And, in addition to the Taiwan-wide stimulus voucher, raffles will be drawn weekly in the city, with prizes to be announced soon.

The Economic Development Bureau of Taichung has indicated that reviving the economy at all levels is the joint objective for both the national and local governments in this post-pandemic period.

Set to launch on July 15th, the nationwide stimulus voucher program overlaps with the shopping carnival of Taichung, which takes place from the beginning of July to the end of August.

Opportunities to enter raffles in Taichung will be granted once the accumulated amount of consumption at any given time by an individual reaches NT $500. Citizens of the city who spend all of their stimulus voucher, of NT $3000 in Taichung City, getting six additional chances to win raffle prizes.

 It is also understood that in coordination with the nationwide stimulus program, Taichung’s Economic Development Bureau is drafting additional programs to work hand in glove with boosting consumption.

Specific details will be released when they are finalised by the local government.

The Taichung Shopping Festival will involve around 30,000 participating stores along with two major e-commerce platforms – ETMall and PChome – who have set up special domains for Taichung.

The domains will link to time-limited offers on sightseeing tours, special dining options, and seasonal agricultural products in Taichung.

  • Taiwan’s national stimulus voucher program is limited to Taiwanese citizens and their foreign born spouses. Vouchers can be pre-booked from July 1st.

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