China is a negative  influencer for India

TTT New Delhi – India is not very happy with China which, within the last 45 days, became a powerful influencer on the social and international media in tarnishing the image of India and getting it termed as a failure in containing the spread of the Coronavirus strain resulting in hundreds of thousands death pushing the Indian Prime Minister in an uncomfortable zone for his incompetent governance which was echoed by Indian media as well.

This horrendous orchestrated act of China was to avenge India on two accounts.  First was to put a halt to India becoming  world’s foremost supplier of covid vaccine tossing  China to a second position. India had successfully supplied its vaccines to over 65 countries in the last five months starting January this year. Secondly, China was aghast when it found that India would topple its number one position and become the world leader in mobile manufacturing.

Lauded for its pharma speedily supplying the vaccine, the United States, Brazil and World Health Organisation, tweeted messages of accolades on India. This jolt was a bit too much for China which has been nestling the dream of becoming all powerful in the world whether it was through its cheque-book policy or its wrapped up threats to its neighbouring countries. The latest, as President Xi Jinping hopes by introducing the three-child policy will be able to woo the Chinese who are silently protesting against his administration.

Not only this Xi Jinping is very firm on showing that China is leaping towards a fulfilled country blending modernity with prosperity for its people and display it during the ongoing 100th anniversary of Chinese Community Party.

The over optimism of India, as projected by Indian health minister Harsh Vardhan who claimed in early March this year, that corona virus would fade away by month-end, went to China’s kitty when the Indian minister’s statement proved on the contrary.

China, India’s experts on international affairs believe, has reportedly funded a section of journalists all over the world who were activated recently to launch a media attack on India’s failure to contain the second wave of corona virus which would devastate the Indian rural belt which is factually bankrupt in health support system.

China’s  President Xi Jingping, has been nestling the dream of making his country as the most powerful nation in the world and India getting a royal salute world over for its speedy supply of covid vaccine to over 60 countries during the last two months had been an eye-sore for China.

The Washington Post described India as ‘the epicentre of the global pandemic and a focal point of international concern’. Al Jazeera referring to experts said that the India’s official figures of infections ‘vastly underestimates the actual toll in a nation of 1.35 billion’ which was direct attack on India for allegedly fudging the statistics. The New York Times said in its report sourced from Nepal’s capital Kathmandu that several countries ‘that had been counting on Indian-made vaccines are pleading with China and Russia’ for the vaccine supply. This was picked up by many Indian newspapers.

The top brass of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) Balram Bhargava had said that India was Balram Bhargava, gthe government was targeting 4.5 million tests a day by June end while the many Indian States decided to stop the testing midway bringing a strong reaction of protest against the move. Tamanjit Chadha, a businessman told TTT that the tests were deliberately stopped to limit the positive cases from surfacing. “ The Indians are now helpless and unsure who will be the virus spreader,” Chadha added.

While the scientists in India were scratching their heads over the cause of such a supersonic spread of the virus, top newspapers of the world were splashing stories condemning India, international epidemiologists who had earlier claimed that the low rate of infection was because of strong immunity of Indians, went silent.

Indian foreign affairs ministry source said that India has not reacted so far and will wait and watch to give a befitting reply but have collated lots of material including from the social media including that of ‘The Seeker’ who has been giving a lot of tips on the sources of the coronavirus.  On the other side, US administration has already announced of stepping up investigation to dig out the source of the Coronavirus.



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