The justice department of the US is reviewing the classified documents found at the Biden office. The lawyer said that about ten files were there at Penn Biden Center in Washington in November. The National Archives is taking care of the batch. Donald Trump, the predecessor, is also encountering a probe for moving classified files to Florida.

FBI is there in the inquiry into the classified documents. US Attorney General Merrick Garland is going to review the papers. As per the news, the batch did not have nuclear secrets. Was there a folder inside a box with several other classified papers?

This discovery of files happened just before the midterm elections by Biden attorneys. They were responsible for clearing out the space of the office.

Mr. President kept an office at the think tank. It is about one mile from the White House. After the discovery, the personal attorneys of the president also cooperated as well. They are working with the Department of Justice and Archives. They want to make sure that the Obama-Biden Administration records are in Archives’ possession.

Mr. Donald Trump reacted on Monday on his social media handle. He asked when the FBI would raid the homes of Joe Biden and the White House. Donald Trump is also under investigation. The law is also asking back the 300 classified documents that he moved to his Florida estate.

The handling of the papers of Biden raised a question about the neutrality of the justice department. Also, there is a question about how they are treating the democrats versus the republicans. And how they treat the current president versus the former president.

Neither the National Archives nor the Penn Biden Center has commented soon. In September, Biden appeared on CBS. It also showed the recovered documents to the president at Mar-a-Lago to see his reaction. The president said that how can anyone be that much irresponsible?

Credits: BBC

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