The judicial authorities of Brazil have ordered the arrest of the top officials. It happened after the rioters stormed Brasilia’s government buildings.

The officials include the former military police commander. And there was Anderson Torres, the former public security commander of Brasilia. According to the office of the general, he was also responsible for the riot. However, Anderson has denied his role in the riots.

The commander of police, Colonel Fabio Augusto, got his position dismissed. It happened after ex-president Jair Bolsonaro’s supporters stormed the Congress. Also, it includes the Supreme Court and the presidential palace.

The riot occurred after Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was sworn in. The dramatic scenes include 1000s of protestors. Some of them were wearing yellow Brazil football shirts and waving the flag. Some have overrun the police and ransacked Brazil’s heart.

Police arrested about 1500 people and brought them to the police academy after the riot ended. They have taken about 600 people to other facilities. The police officials will also charge them within 5 days.

Mr. Torres said that he has regrets for what he did, and he is sorry if he had played any role in the riot. He said that these scenes took place when he was enjoying a family holiday. And he called it a bitter day in both his professional and personal life.

The former president, who did not admit his defeat and condemned the riots, flew to the US. On Monday, he fell ill due to abdominal pain. He disagreed with the responsibility of encouraging the riots on Twitter. He also twitted about 6 hours after the violence.

His son, Senator Flavio Bolsonaro, told people that they must not link his father to the riots.

The riots did a rampage. However, it opened some mysteries as well. It is about time that the truth came up.

Credits: BBC

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