The Ukrainian officials are either resigning or sacked as Kyiv tries to deal with corruption within the government. This is led by some politicians in the US restricting help to Ukraine. President Volodymyr Zelensky is trying his best to restore faith among the common citizens with an anti-corruption drive. But the serious allegations are worsening the situation. 

Mykhaylo Tkach, an investigative journalist in Ukrayinska Pravda, has many claims that have come up in the past few weeks. One of his recent reports suggests that the company of a senior official’s personal trainer allegedly received millions of pounds. The charges over the officials are of e full-scale invasion. The story of  President Zelensky’s deputy head of the office is also adding fuel to the fire.

The results of his reports are visible as Kyrylo Tymoshenko quit after two months of his reports. He reported that his family moved to the mansion of a well-known property developer. The reports also uncover a video clip of him driving an expensive Porsche for a few months.

Mr. Tymoshenko denies all the allegations against him. The reporter suggests that it’s not easy to track down such politicians’ wealth as they name them after their relatives or family friends. The sole duet of politicians must be to serve the nation transparency and in such states. The anti-corruption drive may help to degrade it.

Ivanna is not happy as her government is being accused of receiving money from an unknown firm, a deputy minister is also accused of a bribe worth £300,000 ($372,000), and an official’s expensive taste in cars.

Ever since Ukraine declared independence, corruption has grown inside, spoiling its roots. For the past 31 years, public services and, most of all, its politics have suffered from the same fate.

While it’s not clear of the political allegations and the damage of 2023 will be for President Zelensky. He responded to them the time they are in, the US call it “quick and decisive.”

Credits: BBC

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