(TTT Philadelphia) With news coming in overnight Taiwan time that the Associated Press have now ‘called’ the U.S. election in favor of Democratic candidate – and now president-elect – Joe Biden, here in the U.S., the election is very much still ongoing.

In Philadelphia, as the largest city in the so-called ‘battleground’ state of Pennsylvania there have been numerous protests since November 3rd’s polling day – many turning violent.

The National Guard and police have filled the city center for much of the past few days, preparing to respond to possible riots or examples of individual violence as and when it happens.

On Friday, November 6th, pro-Biden supporters were gathering at City Hall, shouting and waving flags demanding “count every vote” in response to President Donald Trump trying to stop the vote count, and undermine the all-important mail-in ballots.

Right across the street, Trump supporters were in confrontational mode, repeatedly shouting in the face of the Biden fans “Trump, Pence 2020.”

From Chinatown to South Philadelphia, the National Guard and police have been patrolling 24/7 to keep the peace.

Throughout the city grocery stores, supermarkets and a whole range of other outlets are closing earlier than usual, on alert for break-ins that could happen at anytime.

Pharmacies including the popular CVS are boarding up to limit potential losses by looters, using the experience garnered in previous riots and break-ins by various groups that has led to huge financial loss for the company.

The Trump campaign and supporters accusing Democrats of “stealing the votes” and “deceiving the American people” continue here in the U.S. with the current president even taking to Twitter to blast Philadelphia’s corrupt system; “Philadelphia has got a rotten history on election integrity” Trump claimed.

And, as has been reported by news media around the world in recent days, the Trump campaign has even initiated legal action in order to cease the count, or now demand recounts, even object to the process as they attempt to grasp at all sorts of drowning man straws in a bid to make Biden’s win “fraudulent.”

Globally though, attention is now moving to the ‘winner’ of this most divisive of U.S. elections and the validity of the electoral college vote count in the modern day and age.

No matter who becomes the next president of the United States, there will be more protests ahead.

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