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The president of Ukraine is planning drone attacks to demoralize Ukraine. Volodymyr Zelensky has received intelligence reports. It suggested that Moscow would launch the attacks by making use of Shahed drones. Iran has made these drones.

Ukraine launched a strike killing 100s of Russian soldiers in the Donbas region earlier. According to Russia, it killed 63 troops. Mr. Zelensky said that Russia planned to exhaust Ukraine with a wave of drone attacks.

He also said that it is necessary to make sure that everything is in the right position. Everyone needs to pay attention to protect the sky. However, the military of Ukraine and the correspondents need to intercept and track the drones. There is an impact on the civilians as well. People across the nation are living in uncertainty, disruption, and fear.

Russia is targeting the energy infrastructure of Ukraine for many months. It is destroying the power stations, leaving millions of people in darkness. And all this happens when the country is facing a harsh winter.

Ukraine’s air defenses already shot down more than 80 drones. Ukraine confirmed that it has carried out a strike in Donetsk, an occupied region. Earlier, the drone attacks killed 400 Russian troops.

However, Russian officials have contested the figure. And they said that they had killed 63 troops. Also, they have restricted access to the site.

The attack of Ukraine on the New Year hit a building in Makiivka. Over there, Russia stationed the Russian forces. Also, it is rare for Moscow to confirm any kind of battlefield casualties.

The defense ministry of Russia has that Ukraine fired 6 rockets. They made use of the Himars rocket system. The US has made this rocket system.

The exact number of wounded people is still unknown. It has shot down 100s of people. The main victims were the mobilized troops.

The Russia and Ukraine conflict is going on for several days. We are not sure when and how it is going to end.

Credits: BBC

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