Jerusalem: Live street fight, followed by Air Attack and Defense show

After a long time i.e. after 2014 the International Visual media got an opportunity to show some live action in Jerusalem. Any such show around this region is a rare opportunity because it attracts international viewership, hence. no international channel can afford to miss.

So from last Friday 7th of May onwards, whosoever, having a high pixel camera and a camera crew is shooting in Jerusalem; near around or beyond Al- Aqsa Mosque to catch the action. All others i.e. CNN, BBC. ABC you name any well-known international channel started churning out stories to suit their respective agendas.

For example, RT Television i.e. RUPTLY ( Russian) established a three-camera setup at three locations and started relaying live proceedings right from Friday onwards on fixed frames of no news value. For viewers it is like watching a webcam; installed outside your house. Waiting for something to happen.

What was happening on the ground was so repetitive that the locations became blurred.  The same scene was in prepetition in Al –Aqsa Mosque, outside the mosque, on the streets, at the city roundabout and corners, etc.

The fully geared Israel Armed Police was firing teargas shells, rubber bullets upon unruly mob of Palestinians hurling stones and glass bottles upon them. There is nothing new in Palestinian action and Israel’s reaction and what followed is also well scripted by HAMAS.

The readers who may not know much about HAMAS must note that HAMAS is an UN-designated terrorist organization. A conglomerate of Jihadists, members of the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt, fathered by Iran and de-facto controllers of Gaza and Palestinian areas.

Their members gradually stacked a big pile of stones, shrapnel and glass bottles in side Al-Aqsa Mosque; which is considered the third most revered place by Muslims. After the Friday prayer the first volley of attack on Police emanated from the vicinity of Mosque only. It enjoined upon the Israel police to enter the mosque and get it evacuated unless the situation would have


become bloodier. This is what HAMAS leadership wanted. IT warned the Government of Israel to vacate The Al-Aqsa Mosque by 6 P.M. on Monday. By 6.15 P.M HAMAS started launching rockets upon Israel and the media coverage shifted from ground to Air. Spokesman of HAMS Mr. Sheikh Ubaida justified his action “ A rocket attack against the enemy in the occupied Jerusalem is in response to their crimes and aggression against the people in Seikh Jarrah and Al- Aqsa Mosque.

Sheikh Jarrah is a colony at east Jerusalem. It had 28 Palestinian families which relocated here in 1948 from central Jerusalem. This land was under claim of on Jewish families and they formed a society to legally claim back their properties. Many of the families shifted from here after due settlement but four families chose to contest in the courts against their evection. Two families presented papers issued by Jordan authorities in the Israel courts but it became clear that the Jordanians cobbled-up the documents to facilitate their stay on the land. One occupant even presented the documents issued by Ottoman Empire to support his claim but lower courts and High Court rejected the claim of occupants and passed evection orders. The Jewish families posses all legal documents regarding their ownership of the disputed land. Though the families have filed an appeal in the supreme court of Israel but HAMS  as well as International media tried to showcase  that he four Palestinian families are being pushed to leave because they are Muslims?. A clear case of property dispute has been painted as a case of religious apartheid.

Please note, Muslims constitute roughly 20 % of population of Israel and they have political. Social and cultural representation in the country but none of them alleged religious angle to this problem which some media men are blairing?

From 7th of May 2021 onwards the front gates of these four houses have also become agitation grounds of Palestinians.

Ramzan occurs every year and passes, but on last Friday of Ramzan this year at least 90,000 Palestinians assembled at Al-Aqsa Mosque far beyond its natural capacity.  Burqa clad women, occupied the right-side of the court yard to host Iftar Party in which they were eating less and shouting more against Jews. When some of the soldiers objected they became more vociferous.

Palestinian males were even more vocal in shouting against Israel.  By late afternoon of Monday  it became clear that Palestinians have assembled under some agenda and their well styled unrest was to create immediate reason for HAMAS to launch Volley of Rocket attacks on Israel.

The action started and all medial monopolist channels shifted their cameras towards sky coverage of Bombardments. But nobody tried to address some pertinent questions.

How can an internationally banned organization HAMAS fire military-grade ammunition on a sovereign country from a designated and defined land of Palestine? Why the Palestine authorities, which represent at the International arena, should not be held responsible to allow misuse of their territory? How a banned organization could amass such a large quantity of armament? Are they making them in Palestine or getting a readymade import and under whose command they initiated an attack on Israel? Is it not a fact that HAMS has been staging fully armed road shows In Gaza and other Palestinian cities, where even 10 year old boys are staged, holding guns (bigger than their height) and Shouting Jihad?

When it is a fact, that HAMAS has impregnated the Palestinian society and operating from central city hubs then wailing about the death of children and women in action becomes meaningless or proves that Israel bombers went scouting about them?

All those who think it matters to them must address the above mentioned questions before opining.

By: Brijender Mudgil  – a long time friend of The Taiwan Times who writes on issues related to India, the world’s largest democracy.


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