On Saturday, Nine Chen’s Born To Be Gamer concert was held at the Legacy MAX in Taipei – an was a huge huge success.

For an artist that has not held a concert in over two years, the fans were out to see him, and the venue was filled with 2000 fans.

Artist Howard Lee opened with his own set for Nine Chen, with his original songs Crush On and LOSER. These two songs were originally released online before Howard officially debuted, and since have received more than one million views on YouTube.

Nine Chen himself first hyped up his fans with three songs – I’ve Got Your Back, Fool Around, and For me, Love.

The opening animated video revealed his many identities as a singer, YouTuber, host, and founder of his very own clothing brand Nine Theory and while opening up, he admitted to his fans that he has been trying very hard to get used to just being a singer ahead of the concert.

The Taiwanese-Korean star Shi Shi appeared as his special guest, and together they sang A Night in Beijing.

Shi Shi then sang her own hit song Some Day or One Day, the opening theme song for the popular Taiwanese television show of a similar name – Someday or One Day.

The pair have known each other for at least eight years as they belong to the same record label.

Nine Chen went on to perform several of his Taiwanese songs, as he has said before that the Taiwanese language is a culture in itself and is part of his identity.

After the song Far Away Home, he shared some personal stories about singing on the streets right outside the concert venue in Xinyi District, and reflected on his journey since his newfound fame from Werewolf Kill.

He says that all his experiences have been very unique, and are important in shaping exactly who he is today.

Feng Ze was another of Nine Chen’s guests, and together they performed their popular songs Daylight and Werewolves.

Nine Chen then admitted to the claim made online by a ‘hater’ of the star that he only became famous because of Feng Ze, but added that Feng Ze also became famous because of him, since they created the hit song Werewolves together.

Feng Ze for his part believes that that they are a combination that work better together, and revealed that there will be another collaboration by the end of the year.

As Nine Chen said he would at the rehearsal for his concert on August 31st , he performed 27 songs in total on Saturday.

He mixed in several songs from his older albums, many of which are theme songs for hit Taiwanese TV shows as he believes a lot of people came to know his music because of these songs.

The three main songs that he performed included I’m Afraid to be Away From You from Fabulous 30, See Your Voice from Someday or One Day, and He Gets Between Us from Back to 1989.

Many of Nine Chen’s celebrity friends were also spotted at the concert, most notably perhaps his girlfriend of eight years Huhu Lin, as were fellow members of W0LF(S) – Wayne Huang, Lai, SHOU – and other friends from the reality show Werewolf Kill including Cai Zi, Kimi Ji, Sammy Chang, Elaine Ho, and Fan Fan.

At the end of the show, as an encore, he performed his newest single Knight and another one of his older top hits One Sided Love.

He thanked his fans for supporting him all the way and ended by saying he hopes to perform in Taipei Arena with his boy band W0LF(S) next year – in the process revealing that they are in the process of registering for the venue.

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