The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that Chinese officials must provide more real-time information regarding Covid. Because in the nation the illnesses are rising.

The governments of many countries have eased the harsh restrictions in recent weeks. However, as a result of the sharp rise in instances, many countries are now screening travelers from China.

WHO representatives also said they need additional information on hospitalizations, deaths, and admissions to intensive care units. Additionally, it needs immunization statistics.

In order to prevent the virus from spreading again, many countries have all mandated Covid tests for visitors from China. However, these countries are the United States, Taiwan, Japan, Italy, India, South Korea, France, and Spain.

Additionally, before boarding a flight, Chinese nationals coming to England will need to provide the results of a negative test. On Tuesday, the WHO’s technical advisory group on the development of Covid scheduled to convene.

According to the agency, they invited Chinese experts to give comprehensive information on viral sequencing. Also, it is evident that certain nations are putting new limitations on travelers coming from China.

The government of China lessened the restrictions in the wake of protests in November. However, China, which had a zero-Covid policy up until that point, has one of the strictest anti-Covid regimes in the entire globe.

Lockdowns and quarantine regulations are no longer in effect. People can now once more travel internationally. Since then, the number of cases has increased, with the Chinese authorities reporting roughly 5,000 cases every day.

Analysts claim that these figures are significantly understated. And the actual daily caseload is probably closer to one million. However, the number of Covid deaths till now is 13. UK-based health data company Airfinity claimed on Thursday that the illness is also likely killing almost 9,000 people in China every day.

Credits: BBC

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