Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has decided to keep the controversial Trump-era rule intact for the time being. This will allow the US government to deport immigrants on the Mexican border. The court implemented the rule by taking into inconsideration the pandemic.

The Supreme Court voted 5 – 4 Against today’s 19th attorney general of the state. He demanded an immediate hearing on the topic of the immigration rule. He intervened to defend against the policy and took the matter to court.

The court also agreed to an oral hearing the next February. The hearing will be about whether the state can interfere in the matter or not; the result is due in June. The policy will be intact until June, when the court will announce the decision.

White House also engaged in the matter. In its statement, they say that Title 42 is a healthcare measure and not an immigration enforcement measure. Furthermore, they appealed to the Supreme court that the matter should not extend indefinitely.

Adding to the statement, to fix the broken immigration system of the country, we need to implement comprehensive immigration reform measures. These are measures the same as President Biden came up with on his first day in office.

Conservative Justice Neil Gorsuch now joined against the stay request into the three liberals court voting. The order says that the supreme court can not remove Title 42, but the federal government can take necessary actions.

On behalf of the policy, the government has deported more than 2 million people since 2020. The federal district court in Washington, D.C, ordered the removal of the law Dec 21, in February. They criticize the law and deposition process.

But Republican-led states successfully stopped the law by pleading with the higher administration. Justice John Roberts stopped the Bidan administration from ending the law in the court. The policy takes birth in the Trump administration. The reason behind this was covid-19, but it’s still going on now.

Credits: CNBC

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