Taiwan’s 228 VS The White Terror

This is the third and final part in a three part piece…

Transitional Justice – In Art

Transitional Justice in Taiwan is maturing – monuments and museums have been established, spontaneous works in civil society are emerging,

In Memory of Taiwan’s White Terror

The infant fell from her uterus to the ground during the torture, and so was born Lee Su-Hui,

Taipei Hosts The World’s First Film Festival Of 2020

With the COVID-19 pandemic still killing thousands around the globe, Taipei has…
Execution in Taiwan is by shooting

Is The Death Penalty The Only Solution?

A policeman was killed by a mentally ill man on a Taiwan…
sign displayed at The Bird nightclub in Taiwan

COVID-19 Discrimination Against Non-Taiwanese

One store even made an announcement in English to suggest that foreign customers do their shopping online by scanning a specific QR Code.

Taiwan’s Brain Drain – My Take

Charlene Lin is a columnist with The Taiwan Times. Currently a full…