EU corruption

A criminal network’s leader was in an EU Corruption scandal. It has agreed to expose the nations involved in it and how it managed to operate. A lawyer for Pier Antonio Panzeri said that his client would expose everything. It happened after getting into a deal with the prosecutors.

The previous European Parliament member is 1 of the 4 suspects. All of them were in Belgium behind bars. The law has also suspected them of accepting bribes from Morocco and Qatar. And they did it to influence the Brussels Parliament.

Qatar denied that it has tried to gain influence through money and gifts. Morocco did the same and rejected all the allegations. The law charged the four individuals last month. The police have seized about Euro 1.5 million in cash. They found it while raiding a flat, a hotel, and a house. The police have released pictures of stashes of € 50, € 200, € 10, and € 20 denomination notes. Also, they released a picture of a suitcase from a hotel, and it was also full of cash.

Marc Uyttendaele has accepted criminal responsibility. He also added that a man destroyed himself, and he does not have much time to live. Mr. Uyttendaele said that the criminal was going to tell everything he knew.

The other suspects include a Greek MEP, Eva Kaili, Francesco Giorgi, and Niccolo Figa-Talamanca. After Mr. Panzeri left the parliament, he also became the head of Fight Impunity, a lobby group. Mr. Figa worked from that same building for a separate NGO.

The former MEP has agreed to the plea under a particular law. EU Corruption is almost at its climax. A spokesman also said that he had encountered one year in jail. It is less than any heavy prison sentence.

The suspect needs to give details of almost everything. It includes the way the network has operated, the financial arrangements, and the involved nations. Also, he will need to speak about the involvement of all the unknown and known individuals. He is also going to reveal the identity of the people he has bribed.

Credits: BBC

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