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A drone attack from Ukraine on the Russian bomber base has killed 3 people, according to Moscow. The air defenses have shot down the drone near Engels base. But, falling debris wounded 3 tech staff.

Earlier, Russia accused Ukraine of a similar drone attack on the airfield. It is home to bombers carrying out Missile attacks on Ukraine. The base lies about 500km northeast of the border of Ukraine.

The military of Ukraine has not commented on the attack. But the latest incident is an embarrassment to the Russian authorities. It is according to Steve Rosenberg, the BBC Russia Editor.

As per the defense ministry of Russia, the air defenses have shot the drone down. The drone was flying at a low altitude. And it shot down the drone on Monday at about 01:35.

Roman Busargin, the Saratov governor, has expressed his condolences to the families of the men. He also said that there was no threat to the residents of the Engels.

The drone attack was severe. However, it was an answer from Ukraine. Russia is invading Ukraine for days. Missile strikes, bomb blasts, and a lot took place in the last few days.

Also, several social media users have posted videos showing the sounds of air sirens and blasts. The video is from the Engels airfield. On 5th December, an attack took place as well on the airfield and in Ryazan region’s other sir base. Debris killed 3 servicemen. It happened from a downed Ukrainian drone. It damaged 2 aircraft.

The military of Ukraine did not comment on the attacks reported. Russia used the Engels air base several times to carry out missile strikes. It targeted several Ukrainian places. It happened after Moscow launched its full-scale invasion on 24th February.

The Kremlin accused Ukraine of attacking its territory before. However, the alleged attacks in December are way deep than the earlier ones.

We are not sure when the Russia-Ukraine conflict is going to end. So, coming to an ultimate conclusion is not possible right now.

Credits: BBC

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