monster winter storm

North America is facing a monster winter storm for the past few days. There are 28 reported deaths in Northern parts of America due to the storm. The storm is pushing hard in Buffalo, with the majority of deaths caused by the storm. 

According to state officials, people are waiting in their cars for more than two days. People are saying that this might be the worst storm they ever see in their lives. Snow is over up to 9 inches (23cm), and meteorologists are expecting a rise in the levels.

The monster winter storm stretches from the Mexican to Canadian borders. The total casualties in the state exceed more than 50 people. US President Joe Biden released an emergency declaration for federal support of the people of the state. He tweeted his heart is with the people who lost the lives of their loved ones on the holiday weekend.

People are also facing different problems other than cold and windstorms. A shopkeeper in Buffalo said that people robbed his store on Christmas Eve. They took all the electric gadgets, toys, and accessories, leaving the shopkeeper vulnerable. He called the police to report the robbery of $50,000, but the police were busily rescuing elderly people.

Mark Poloncarz, the executive in the Buffalo region, gave a public statement on the situation. He said that there was a visible light at the end of the tunnel, but the monster winter storm had not passed yet.

Mr. Poloncarz, the local medical examiner’s office, said that people are dying from heart attacks while blowing or shoveling snow. The officers found others dead in the vehicle. The situation is so bad that rescue vehicles are getting stuck in some snow areas.

The weather forecast says that there is hope for the future. In the next few days, the temperature will lift from -10 to 9 degrees in Buffalo and even better for other states.

Credits: BBC

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