Garowe (PP News Desk) — Abdi Farah Saeed ‘Juha’, the former Federal Interior Mininster, has urged Puntland political associations to stop dragging their feet on the democratisation process currently underway in Puntland.

“Since 1998 People of Puntland have been looking forward to the elections. Political associations must jump on the democratisation bandwagon . Puntland is obliged to transition to a democratic system of governance. It is moving forward with the democratisation process” said Saeed, who was at a ceremony to publicise a voter registration system that was handed over to Puntland Transitional Electoral Commission.

Juha urged Puntland political associations to stop dragging their feet on pilot local elections.

Several Puntland political associations have expressed reservations about pilot local elections to be conducted at three designated districts (Eyl, Qardho and Ufeyn) shorly after the voter registration process comes to an end.

“Elections will not take place at major cities such as Galka’yo, Goldogob, Burtinle, Garowe and Bosaso. Some political associations have campaigned in those cities. Mustaqbal will boycott pilot local elections instead of blessing an electoral process that runs counter to the universal suffrage article in the constitution of Puntland” said a member of Mustaqbal Central Committee, who spoke to Puntland Post on the condition of anonymity.

Ten political associations will contest pilot local elections to be overseen by TPEC. There is a growing fear that Puntland’s second attempt at democratisation might falter.

In 2013 political stakeholders resolved to nip local government elections in the bud for fear that Horseed, a political association of the former Puntland President Abdirahman Farole, could have rigged election results.

“Farole’s process was far more transparent and inclusive than what TPEC has concocted in contempt of the citizens’ rights to vote” added the Mustaqbal Central Committee member.

This post first appeared in the © Puntland Post, 2021 and is republished with permission

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