Belarus brings down a Ukraine air defense missile in its territory, says Belarus officials to the Ukrainian ambassador. The event is from the time when Russia was heavily firing missiles at Ukrainian cities.

The images from the incident describe missile derbies in Belarus fields. A Ukrainian military spokesman responded by saying it was the result of air defense.

Belarus is a friendly nation to Russia and allied with them during the war. They demanded an investigation in Kyiv after the S-300 rocket landed in the fields near the border.

Ever since the war began, it is the first time that Belarus shot down a missile coming from Ukraine. They called the Ukrainian ambassador into the foreign ministry in Minsk.

Spokesperson Anatoly Glaz came forth and spoke on the county’s behalf on the incident. He said that they take the event with extreme seriousness. He asks Ukraine to take preventive measures to prevent such events in the future.

Ukraine’s defense ministry said that they are ready for an investigation. They are willing to cooperate with other national investigators who do not ally with the terrorist state of Russia. They will also help them investigate and reach appropriate results.

Furthermore, he said that it serves the unconditional right to protect its sky borders. Don’t rule out the fact that Russia deliberately fired the missiles over the area where they can intercept on top of Belarus territories.

Belarus also said that they found the remains of the missile 15 km (9 miles) from the border with Ukraine. However, the missiles came down near the village of Harbacha in the Breast region.

Witness describes the event as the widows shaking and the house vibrating. According to them, it was due to the impact of sound waves.

Oleg Konovalov, the military commissar of the Brest region, seems to downplay the event. He said. Unfortunately, things like this happen. He also compared the incident to the missile attack two months ago. The attack in which two citizens of Poland died. Ukraine denies the statement.

Credits: BBC

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