Blood Pressure Medicine May Help Counter COVID-19

Drugs commonly used to fight high blood pressure are reportedly having a…

Chinese Public React After Doctor’s COVID-19 Death

Chinese social media sites have seen an outpouring of public anger over…
Lockdown in Wuhan

Two Taiwanese Returnees From Hubei Hospitalized

All passengers on the plane, a Chinese Airlines charter, were checked for signs of the virus after arrival just after 9:00 pm last night. Full COVID-19 tests on those aboard the aircraft will be completed by Wednesday.

Beijing’s Mismanagement Of COVID-19 Has Form

“another deadly outbreak of SARS could emerge at any time.”
China Airlines special flight

Taiwan government finally allows to evacuate 200 Taiwanese businessmen from Wuhan

The world is worried at the moment regarding the Wuhan virus, officially…

Taiwan confirms it has found two new cases of coronavirus infected patients

One of the worst outbreaks of viruses in the history of Taiwan…