A Thank You to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)

China doesn’t play by the rules.

They control over 90% of pharmaceutical production around the world. Currently, the CCP holds the other 200+ countries hostage because of this.

CCP, thank you.

Thank you in deceiving the citizens of the world, including your own citizens, with the coverup of COVID-19. 

Normally, governments will band together in times of strife, such as this, to find common ground and solution(s) to a problem. 

You didn’t do that. 

Instead, you punished your own citizens for identifying and sounding the alarm on the virus. Where are they now? 

Are they not as important members of your society as the members of your politburo? 

And now, you’re “rounding” up all patients and family members who had the virus, so they don’t talk?

What are you afraid of, besides being caught with your hands in the cookie jar?

CCP, thank you.

Thank you for hiding the truth on COVID-19 until you could no longer even do that.  Just look how many people throughout the world have lost and continue to lose their lives as a result of your hypocrisy in hiding the truth.

And, for what? So, you could “save” face by denying COVID-19 emanated from Wuhan?

And the total fabrication you made in trying to convince the world that the United States started the virus.

Good try, but no country believed your frivolous and baseless accusations from the outset. And now, YOU want to have the origins of your own virus found.

How convenient!

CCP, thank you.

Thank you in being totally deceitful in acknowledging COVID-19 as it spread throughout the world.

Thank you for creating a new world no-one wanted.

People cannot get together to celebrate joyous occasions such as graduations, weddings and such.

People cannot visit their loved ones in the hospitals who are there because they have contracted your virus.

And, people cannot gather to mourn the passing of their loved ones who have died needlessly because they contracted COVID-19.

Your lack of common-sense judgement created a hysteria of shortages (food, basic supplies, medical supplies, essential goods).

CCP, thank you.

Thank you in creating a chaos that should never have been.

People who were gainfully employed no longer have that piece of security to take care of themselves and their families.

Restaurants, bars, sporting events, operas, etc, that people went to will no longer have the same feeling of safety and companionship.

Thank you for putting a needless burden on the world.

Businesses are going bankrupt because of your virus.

CCP, thank you.

Thank you for being the self-absorbed government that you are. 

At the initial outbreak, you banned flights from Wuhan to other parts of China yet allowed international flights to fly daily in and out of the PRC. 

This effectively put the virus on every continent, in almost every nation.

Airlines throughout the world, and people working for them are suffering because of the virus.  

CCP, thank you.

Thank you for being the self-serving and manipulative government you are.

At the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, you curtailed critically needed medical supplies such as face masks, gloves, and ventilators to other nations even though you had supply contracts in place with them. 

That tells me how upright and dependable a government you are, even though through the “goodness” of being concerned, you then sent out medical supplies. 

All that was to put on a show because those supplies you sent out were originally supposed to be sent out on the back of supply contracts.

CCP, thank you.

Thank you for now creating a world where we now must learn how to socialize and work together..apart. 

The world we knew prior to your release of the virus is probably gone forever.  

Thank you for finally being exposed as a fraud and a bully. 

As China is the supplier of most worldwide goods, you, through your CCP envoys, are now leveraging and threatening countries which demand an investigation as to the origins of the virus. 

Who do you think you are?

And finally, CCP, thank you.

With everything mentioned above, thank you for validating the worlds’ suspicion about your government. 

The nations of the world are uniting to hold you accountable for the release of the virus, while you keep your head “buried” in the sand of self-denial.

As the world has seen and is living, people are resilient and coming together to begin making life better for all. The people of the world are not shrinking violets. 

If history has taught the CCP nothing, it is that the people of the world unite stronger with more conviction, to make the only world we have, a better place to live. 

I think it is time the nations of the world pull their manufacturing out of China and build elsewhere where the products will be more dependable and reliable.



You could have been the “tip” of the spear on fighting this virus by not only identifying it to the world but taking a very proactive lead in helping find a cure for this by admitting its’ origins. 

And, just maybe, you could have been instrumental in saving some of the lives that were lost to this virus.

When are you going to apologize – not only to every nation, but every family of every individual that succumbed to your virus?

Editor’s note: this is a guest piece by Mr. Michael Zimmerman (TX), USA.

The Taiwan Times welcomes all ‘letters to the editor, and / or opinion pieces’ but stresses that the opinions within are those of the writer(s), and do not represent The Taiwan Times staff, or management policy.


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