The basin topography in which Taipei sits makes the city stunning from all angles – and especially so from the surrounding mountains at night.

Because of this, looking over the city at night and taking in the city’s night view has become a popular year-round activity for couples, friends, and families.  

Here are a few of our recommended view spots – all worth a visit in their own right – from which you can enjoy the night view of Taipei from different perspectives.

Jiannan Mountain

A place where you do not have to ‘climb’ a mountain to enjoy the splendid night view, Jiannan Mountain is close to MRT Jiannan Station.

However, it is recommended you ride a scooter up the mountain as the roads along the way are narrow and it is a bit of a walk.

Jiannan Mountain has become a very famous spot from which to take in the night view over Taipei because of the Taiwanese soap opera, “In Time With You” that premiered nine years ago.

Unlike other mountains, Jiannan Mountain can be reached easily, and people can be ‘closer’ to the view over the city.

The most iconic feature of the view from Jiannan Mountain is the Miramar Ferris Wheel in the north of the city, which flashes with colorful lights (see pic below).

 Photo: C: yellow7322 on Instagram


A place strongly recommended for people who do not know how to drive a car or have access to a scooter, Xiangshan, also known as “Elephant Mountain”, is one of the Four Beast Mountains.

It is located in the busiest district of Taipei, and is also very close to the famous landmark that is Taipei 101.

The entrance of Xiangshan is about 5-10 minutes walk from the final stop of the MRT Red Line, – Xiangshan Station.

Signs from here can take you all the way up the mountain so all you need to do is walk out exit number 2 and look for the signs.

It takes about 15 minutes from the entrance of the trail to the first observation platform, and the view from here is already beautiful.

Nevertheless, if you want a better view, walk 10 minutes more and you’ll see the “Six Giant Rocks”, which are called “Liu Ju Shi” in Chinese.

This is the place people like to take photos.

 Photo: C: _haofoodie_ on Instagram  

Yangming Mountain

Yangming Mountain is a great place from which to enjoy the panoramic view of the Taipei Basin.

The hill behind the Chinese Cultural University, is usually crowded with people, and is strongly recommended as a viewing spot by local citizens.

There are a lot of small food stands nearby – the sausages are particularly famous, but in addition to the food stands, there are plenty of landscape restaurants too.

One of the most popular is “The Top”, not only because of its Balinese style decorations and layout, but also because of the great view over Taipei – again from the north.

If you are planning to go to one of the landscape restaurants, go early, otherwise, you will have a long wait. Especially at weekends!

NB: Some restaurants take reservations but not all provide this service.

The area near the Chinese Cultural University is best reached by either public transportation or by driving.

Driving is recommended, however, since people needing to use transfer buses and then walk for 20 minutes can be quite tired on a mountain.

Remember to check the weather before you go!

Photo: C: tazdingo_photos on Instagram

Beitou Four Seasons Promenade

The Beitou Four Seasons Promenade is a newly developed place for people to enjoy night views.

Unlike Xiangshan, and Yangming Mountain, which are usually crowded with people, Beitou Four Seasons Promenade is not that popular……yet.

Nevertheless, it is still a good place to relax and take a date.

The photographer (see below) told me that the daytime view from the Four Seasons Promenade is also stunning.

From this spot – yet another in the hills north of Taipei – the beautiful Tamsui River, Guanyin Mountain to the west, Guandu Plain, and Taipei 101 to the south east are all easily seen.

Because of the Tatun Volcano Group dominating the landscape, Beitou is also famous for its hot springs.

If you are planning a one-day Beitou trip, you can first visit the Beitou Library, then take a dip in the hot springs.

After a dip, find some delicious food, and plan it so you end up the day with the breath-taking night view from the Four Seasons Promenade.

There is a parking lot at Wu’s Ancestral Hall, which is very close to the Four Seasons Promenade making driving the best form of transport.

However, if you do not have a car, taking public transportation is also an option. Just take the MRT to New Beitou Station, and transfer to the bus “little 6” (the mini-bus sized ones)

 Photo: C: s85344 on Instagram


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