US officials announced that they are planning to ease tough sanctions on Cuba. These sanctions got imposed by former President Donald Trump. New measures got imposed by the Biden administration. Restrictions on family remittances and travel to Cuba island will ease. The period of processing of US visas for Cubans will also speed up.

Ned Price, State Department spokesman, said that the decision would free Cuban citizens from the government’s oppression. However, the loosening of sanctions will see a cap on family remittances. The funds sent by migrants in the US to family members in Cuba removed.

Migrants prevented from sending more than $1,000 (£811) every three months, previously. Under the new plans, Donations to non-family members will also permit.

But US officials emphasized that they will seek to ensure payments don’t reach those who perpetrate human rights abuses. In addition, they will ensure to look after those who do this using civilian electronic payment processors. They also said that no bodies would remove from the Cuba Restricted List.

The Biden administration official stated to CBS News that more charter and commercial flights would become available to Havana. In addition, US consular services on the island will expand. Also, family reunification programs will relaunch.

Mr. Trump announced a range of sanctions on the Cuban government in 2017. However, Cuba’s foreign minister said the easing of restrictions is a step in the right direction.

However, Bruno Rodriguez added that the policy does not modify the embargo in place since 1962. He argued that the objectives of the United States policy against Cuba are not changing.

Senator Bob Menendez is the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He denounced the lifting of restrictions. He stated that the Cuban regime continues its ruthless persecution of countless Cubans from all walks of life.

Also, he added, “Those who still believe that increasing travel will breed democracy in Cuba are simply in a state of denial. For decades, the world has been traveling to Cuba, and nothing has changed.”

Credits: BBC

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