We know that Pakistan is currently not going through a good phase as we have seen reports every now and then about terrorist attacks on the country but it is also seen that there is a food and economic crisis in the country which has prevented even the top 1% of population in the country from the best quality of food and this goes to show that the situation is really severe when it comes to resources.

Add to this the fact that Pakistan has taken so much debt from other countries and the IMF that they are also not providing more money for the country to import food items. We know that China has been helping Pakistan a lot by providing bailout packages in order to show its strength against India but even they are starting to think that it is too much.

Also, we reported that the economic conditions of Pakistan and their allegations of Afghans attacking Pakistan have meant that they have decided to expel 1.7 Million Afghan citizens from their country who had crossed the border after Taliban took control of the country as soon as US decided to withdraw its army from Afghanistan which is still called the biggest mistake made by US by most experts.

One Afghani refugee says that they would live in Pakistan for the rest of their lives if given the option and they have also married Pakistani women and have raised their Pakistani-born children but they don’t have any Pakistani identity documents which is why they will be forced to go back to Afghanistan. “The Taliban government in Afghanistan said some 60,000 Afghans returned between Sept 23 to Oct 22 from Pakistan”, as per reports. Taliban’s refugee ministry said in a statement that “recent daily returnee figures are three times higher than normal” and it is obvious because of the November 1 deadline given by Pakistan to them. According to Pakistani Government, there are 4 million Afghans currently residing in Pakistan and 1.7 Million do not have any identity proof which is why they are being expelled from the country. They say that these are people who have consumed their resources the most.

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