Afghans in Pakistan
Afghans in Pakistan

We all know that the world is in such a state right now that something or the other keeps popping up every day and we are already aware about the never-ending war between Russia and Ukraine and fights in other parts of the world, such as Syria, Azerbaijan and other countries like Afghanistan. Now, we are going to be seeing a new state of emergency and this time it will be Pakistan because the current government of Pakistan has decided to take action against the “illegal immigrants” that are staying in the country without valid documents or identity.

The main target of Pakistan’s new policy is to make the Afghans go away from the country because we know that during the Afghanistan unrest last year, most of the Afghans fled away from their country and entered Pakistan. As we already know, Pakistan is struggling to feed its own people and therefore it has become difficult for them to sustain with the illegal immigrants as well. Due to this reason, the action has been announced and these immigrants will have just a few weeks to leave the country as Pakistan has announced a deadline of November 1, 2023. The caretaker Interior Minister of Pakistan announced that they have until the 1st of November “for those residing in the country illegally to leave, after which “all law enforcement agencies would deport them,”

Pakistan says “There are attacks on us from Afghanistan and Afghan nationals are involved in those attacks. We have evidence present for that,” which is also one of the reasons why they want to deport people from Afghanistan and added that “Businesses and properties of “illegal aliens will be confiscated, and illegal business operators and their facilitators will be prosecuted” in the crackdown”. The minister added that “Strict legal action will be taken against any Pakistani citizen or company providing accommodation or facilities to illegal aliens” residing in Pakistan after the deadline. It is worth noting that a task force has also been formed to “seize people with fake identity cards and illegal properties built on their fake documents”. Authorities have also been “ordered to cancel any “fake identity cards” and confirm any cases with DNA testing”.

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