We know that countries around the world have a huge focus on tourism and there are various ways that they promote their local events as well as tourists spots in order to attract the foreign nationals to their country and once they are inside the country, they can market as many things as possible right from the airport to shopping malls and other places so the tourists are enticed to buy as much as possible from their country which boosts their economy and we know that most countries have a huge source of income from tourism. In a bid to promote its tourism activities, Malaysia has just announced a 30 day visa-free entry for nationals from India and China.

It is worth noting that India and China are two of the largest and most populated countries in the world so it does make sense for Malaysia to target these countries and we also know that people from these countries like to travel a lot. Malaysian Prime Minister announced that visa-free entry for Indian and Chinese nationals in the country will start from December 1 and while visa is not needed, security screening will be done.

Malaysian Prime Minister, last month, said that he wants to “improve visa facilities next year to encourage the entry of tourists and investors, “especially from India and China.” and this is the first step in that direction. It is possible that we may see some more relaxations in the coming months if these steps are taken well. China also announced on Friday that “it would allow citizens of six countries including Malaysia to enter the country without a visa. The move takes effect from Dec. 1 and will last until Nov. 30 of next year, and will allow leisure, business and family travelers from those nations to stay in China for up to 15 days visa-free”. While India hasn’t announced anything of such sorts for Malaysia or other countries, it is expected that an announcement will come as these moves are bilateral in nature which means that they are tit-for-tat and both the parties allow each other’s citizens to enter visa-free.

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