Israel PM
Israel PM

You must be aware that there is a war going on between Israel and Gaza right now and it all started because of Gaza attacking Israel in the starting of October which led to a massive escalation from the Israeli side who are determined to destroy the entire Hamas group and free Gaza from them so that they don’t have the threat of Hamas anymore and they can do whatever they want with Gaza and Israel going forward. It could be a two-state solution or there could be a merger of the two sides as well. Now, the problem here is that Gaza is not alone and is supported by the likes of Iran and Turkey in its fight against Israel because they have taken it with a religious point of view.

However, due to the mediation by US, it is known that there is currently a pause in all the fighting between Israel and Hamas which has meant that the Israeli PM Netanyahu was able to go to the Gaza strip in order to meet his soldiers that are fighting the war right now and encourage them with words. Israel PM Netanyahu said “Nothing will stop us” and added “we are continuing until the end — until victory.”

For obvious reasons, the trip by Israeli PM Netanyahu was not shared with public or even its troops because of the fact that there was a risk of Hamas attacking the PM which could lead to an even bigger escalation in the region and that would mean war. It is known that the people of Israel are very proud of their country and their leaders and if anything happens to them, they take it very seriously.

Reports suggest that “Mr. Netanyahu was wearing a T-shirt, jeans and a khaki flak jacket and helmet — looking at a map, consulting with commanders and standing just inside a tunnel that his office said the Israeli military had recently exposed”. Israel’s PM added that “We are making every effort to bring back our hostages and eventually we will return them all,” in the videos released by PM’s office.

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