US-China war
US-China war

We know that tensions have been high between US and China for a lot of reasons right now. Recently, the tensions between these two countries have been rising over providing aid to Ukraine and protecting Taiwan from various incursions and US officials visiting it.

We now have a statement from one of the top republicans who predicts a war between the US and China in the next two years, precisely by 2025.

This comes after General Mike Minihan of the Air Mobility Command wrote a memo to its staff of nearly 110,000 members saying, “My gut tells me we will fight in 2025”.

This Top Republican is Micheal McCaul, who is also said to have close relations with the past US President Donald Trump, who will run for the presidency again next year.

Mike says, “I hope he is wrong… I think he is right, though,” regarding the memo from General Mike Minihan. He says that Taiwan and the US will elect their new Presidents in 2024, which will be when China tries to attack Taiwan.

Mike McCaul adds that if China fails to take control of Taiwan bloodlessly, “they will look at a military invasion in my judgment.

We have to be prepared for this”. This will be similar to how Russia invaded Ukraine to take control of the country, which it believes falls in its regional territory, the same as China.

He also criticized the decision of President Joe Biden to pull out of Afghanistan and hand the country over to the Taliban, a decision criticized by many worldwide.

To add to this, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson reacted by saying that “willing to, with the utmost sincerity and greatest effort, pursue peaceful reunification (with Taiwan), but we will not promise to abandon the use of force. (We) need to reserve the option of taking all necessary measures”.

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