Chinese balloon spied over US airspace
Chinese balloon spied over US airspace

We know that tensions are high between the US and China for various reasons, such as the Russia-Ukraine war and trade bans. Also, we know both sides try to downplay these tensions and want to calm everyone down by saying everything is fine.

However, those who know about the actual situation would say that both sides are on the verge of a war if there is a provocation from either side. A recent development has come to light thanks to a report from the Pentagon, revealing that their airspace was recently trespassed by a Chinese balloon.

Talking about this intrusion, it was revealed by Pentagon that they saw a Chinese Spy Balloon hovering over the Montana region, which lies in the Northwest part of the US. Interestingly, this balloon was detected just days before US Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s scheduled visit to China, where he is also expected to meet the Chinese President.

It is also revealed that the idea of shooting down this balloon from the Pentagon was discovered, but US President Biden decided not to do that after inputs from the officials saying that it has the danger of debris falling on their citizens.

Also, the decision to reveal this to the public is taken to warn China that such an incident will not be taken lightly in the future. On the condition of anonymity, Pentagon officials revealed that Chinese balloons had been seen in the US airspace earlier, but this balloon was hovering for a long time.

They also revealed that this balloon traveled from China to Alaska made its way to Canada, and was seen over the US region of Montana on Wednesday. Canadian officials said they were also tracking this “high-altitude surveillance balloon” and are working with American officials to “take all necessary measures to safeguard Canada’s sensitive information from foreign intelligence threats.”

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