Chinese army
Chinese army

We know that a lot is being said about China and its relations with Taiwan and that an invasion attempt is definitely on the cards. After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine which is still ongoing even after a year, the talks about China-Taiwan have increased further.

Now, we know that Russia and China are similar because they have a President who is similar in the way they think. President Xi and President Putin have also shown support for each other on different international platforms.

Talking about China’s President Xi Ping, there is a big claim from the CIA Director about the likeliness of when they will invade Taiwan.

As per CIA Director Burns, President Xi has also ordered its military to be ready for the Taiwan invasion by 2027.  Burns adds that the Chinese President has also called for a “successful invasion,” possibly because of how Russia has been doing in its invasion of Ukraine.

Burns says that we all know that China clearly wants Taiwan to be a part of China, so it is expected that an invasion will happen in the future at some point. “We know as a matter of intelligence he has instructed the People’s Liberation Army to be ready by 2027 to conduct a successful invasion,” he adds.

CIA Director also added that “Therefore, I think it’s very much in our interest as a policy matter in the United States to make clear our commitment to the status quo, to make clear we are not interested as a country in changing that status quo, that we are deeply opposed to anyone trying to change that unilaterally, especially by the use of force,”

Burns is trying to send China a message that its invasion of Taiwan will not be taken lightly, and the US will try its best not to let it happen.

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