Get Out & About In North Taiwan – Taipei’s Jinmianshan Hiking Trail

As a modern city, Taipei is not only the capital of Taiwan,…

Taipei Hosts The World’s First Film Festival Of 2020

With the COVID-19 pandemic still killing thousands around the globe, Taipei has…
CTBC Brothers Promotional Image

CPBL Announce July 7 – 19 Make-up Games

Taiwan’s CPBL, the first professional baseball league to start playing in 2020,…

The 2020 Taipei Film Festival – Coming Soon!

Taking place from June 25th to July 11th, the 2020 Taipei Film…
Henry Sosa, baseball pitcher for Fubon Guardians

Guardians Hit By Fourth Defeat In As Many Days

On a balmy Saturday evening in southern Taiwan, Fubon Guardians’ ace pitcher…

TTT Interview – Anu – Lead Supporter Of The Fubon Guardians

The Fubon Guardians are one of Taiwan’s four professional baseball teams. But…
Guardians pitcher Bryan Woodall

TTT Interview: Fubon Guardians Pitcher: Bryan Woodall

American pitcher Bryan Woodall first arrived in Taiwan back in 2015, when…
Fubon Guardians Fan Art

Fubon Guardians’ Fans Show Their Love For The Team

Taiwan made headlines around the world last night when baseball fans were…
Lions at Guardians in Xinzhuang

Taiwan CPBL – English Language Baseball Broadcasts

In breaking news – one former MLB superstar is now looking to come over to Taiwan in a bid to breathe new fire into his career. 
CTFA Logo - governing body of Taiwanese football

The World Notices Taiwan’s Premier League

The start of the TFPL, in the middle of the greatest ever global sporting vacuum, has garnered unexpected attention in a lot of global news outlets
Results from the weekend

Taipower Deal Taiwan Steel Bloody Nose

On Sunday, the second round of the Taiwan Premier League got underway, with Taiwan Steel’s home(ish) 1-0 defeat to Taipower the result of the round.