Belgian Foreign Minister

Sophie Wilmes, the Belgian Foreign Minister, leaves her position to take care of her ailing husband. She is also the Deputy Prime Minister. She says she made a move in consultation with the prime minister.

Prime Minister Alexander De Croo takes this move with the greatest respect. However, he also added “that the minister would not officially resign from the government and that her powers would, instead, be temporarily transferred to other ministers by ‘a royal decree’.

The Belgian Foreign minister will take leave until the end of the summer. Her husband is suffering from chronic cancer disease. The family is trying to reassess the situation.

Ms. Wilmes also served as prime minister between 2019 and 2020. She married her Australian husband, Chris Stone, in 2009. He is a former Australian Rules footballer. He was also the vice-president of the Belgian branch of Australian Business in Europe.

They are a family of five, with three daughters and also a son from his previous marriage.

The Belgian Foreign Minister informed her situation on Twitter. She disclosed the problems her family is facing with her husband falling sick. Her husband is fighting against aggressive cancer of the brain. She also informs of him beginning therapy like many men and women and even kids who go through this earth-shaking disease.

She also affirms that her role as a minister is demanding. Her role as foreign minister demands rigorous and continuous availability, which makes it very difficult for her. She doesn’t want her work to suffer with what’s going on in her life. Also, she believes coming down from the position works best in everyone’s interest.

She wants to be a comfort to her husband and her children in these difficult times. Therefore, the Prime Minister accounts to temporarily assume her position as foreign minister. He wishes the family courage and strength.

Credits: BBC

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