WaveShark Foil(left) and WaveShark Jetboard(right)

HONG KONG, Jan. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today, WaveShark, a global electric surfboarding brand has been launched along with two of their new products — the WaveShark Jetboard and the WaveShark Foil.

WaveShark Foil(left) and WaveShark Jetboard(right)
WaveShark Foil(left) and WaveShark Jetboard(right)

Commonly described as activities that seemingly involve a high degree of risk, adventure sports or extreme sports are favored by outdoor enthusiasts and unconventional lifestylers.

But what if the entry barrier for adventure sports can be lowered by products that change the consumer mindset, and alter the current mode of water sports?

With the global boating, surfing and extreme sports industries taking up hundreds of billions in US dollars in terms of market size, the growing interest from water sport hobbyists is pushing technology to be innovative with regards to renewable energy power solutions, product safety testing, and hydrodynamic design.

WaveShark has reset the industrial standard by overachieving in these tasks.

The first product is the WaveShark Jetboard, which is an innovative electric surfboard or jetboard designed for high- speed watersport adventures.

WaveShark coined their jetboard slogan “Born to Thrill”, signaling their desire of producing a product that elevates the surfing experience to a new level.

In this regard, the WaveShark Jetboard comes equipped with an industry-leading top speed of 60km/h, and boosting time at just three seconds, which demonstrates WaveShark’s intention to deliver their users the finest in jetboard power and performance.

The second product is the WaveShark Foil, which is an electric hydrofoil surfboard that focuses on giving users a quieter, natural, and more connected experience on the water.

In contrast to the high-speed modes offered on the WaveShark Jetboard, the WaveShark Foil offers an almost spiritual like sensation where users can fly above water or “see above the horizon”.

The electric surfing hydrofoil glides above the water without leaving a wake, keeping the noise at an imperceptible level, giving users more time to take in their surroundings and enjoy the experience.

The new WaveShark Foil delivers up to 120 minutes of battery life, which is the highest ride time on any electric hydrofoil currently on the market.

WaveShark possesses integrated manufacturing capabilities, which means that for each component, WaveShark delivers centralized design, manufacturing and testing to maintain consistent product quality and reliability.

Numerous tests were conducted including dynamic seal test, salt spray test, and vibration test to secure waterproofness, anticorrosion, and stability.

Both WaveShark products also feature portable, modular designs that are perfect for the seasonal trips of the global surfing community and low maintenance requirements.

Both are made from ultra-light carbon fiber. The light weight and right amount of rigidity of the material offers high responsiveness during turning and carving.

GPS positioning, and an intelligent remote-control support for user maneuverability make WaveShark easy to adapt.

“We at WaveShark believes in consumer-based brand mission, which is to let everyone enjoy the ultimate sensation of this adventure sport, E-surfing”, said Wally Zheng, the founder of WaveShark, “therefore, we created products empowered by intelligent technology and integrated manufacturing system unprecedentedly. We have poured our hearts into every aspect of those two products, from concept to safety tests. WaveShark will keep striving in terms of product quality, lead time and user experience, aiming to be the global leading brand in water sports.”

For anyone who is pursuing an out-of-ordinary lifestyle, WaveShark is now recruiting Global Brand Ambassadors with limited quotas by offering discounts on self-purchased product, exclusive 1on1 training sessions, and a community of top players where your voice actually does make a change.

Register here today.

Experience the ultimate sensation of water sports with WaveShark
Experience the ultimate sensation of water sports with WaveShark

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