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HONG KONG, Jan. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/V1 Group Limited, (“V1 Group” or the “Company”, together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”; stock code: 00082.HK) is pleased to announce today its Crazy Sports unit has signed a contract with the international sports organization – Fédération International de Footballeurs Professionels (FIFPro), and has officially secured the FIFPro intellectual property right authorization for 2021-2023.

It has also announced the launch of its “UEFA Euro” strategy.

With 55 years of history, FIFPro is an international sports organization representing professional football players from all over the world. With the contract signing with FIFPro, Crazy Sports will also secure IP authorization of players from 54 national teams or football leagues around the world, including England, France, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands, names and portrait rights of many world-renowned superstars.

With this cooperation with FIFPro, Crazy Sports has secured IP authorization of names and portrait rights of many superstars.

These will not only enhance popularity of the game, but also resonate with potential consumers through the world-class football superstars; and enhance emotional connection between game brands and players.

It is particularly important for promoting the Crazy Sports brand.

It is in this favourable environment that Crazy Sports officially announces the launch of its “UEFA Euro” strategy is to better capitalize on this opportunity.

As one of the most influential football events, the UEFA Euro 2016 brought in revenue in excess of €1.3 billion to France.

The event was broadcasted by more than 120 TV stations in more than 200 countries and regions, conferring powerful economic influence and societal utility.

Crazy Sports’ UEFA Euro tactics core game (code-named Q) is now in the final testing stage. The player IPs used in the game have been widened from Chinese players to international players, through the use of official IP authorizations from the world’s top superstars.

These will help widen the audience pool for this game and convert more of them into paying users. They also help enhance brand awareness for the game significantly. The driving momentum by world-leading superstars has been validated many times in major football events in the past.

Years when major sports events such as the UEFA Euro and FIFA World Cup are hosted will also see game download counts and participation grow in multiples. The world of sports is embracing eventful years ahead. With heavy promotion efforts for the two major events of UEFA Euro 2021 and FIFA World Cup in 2022, Crazy Sports’ game business is embracing an era of exponential growth.

In December 2020, V1 Group announced reorganization and an initiative to be renamed as “Crazy Sports Group” as part of its efforts in establishing an internet sports concept stock for China.

In addition, Crazy Sports had earlier received an approval from relevant authorities in Hainan Province to launch a “sports tournament platform and reward points system” project, allowing establishment on the island of a blockchain technology-driven sports tournament platform that integrates sports tournament information, winning-odds prediction, live broadcasts and sports community on an amalgamed entertainment launchpad.

Crazy Sports signed an official authorization agreement for China Super League IP in 2017 and became an official partner of China Super League. It released games China Super League and China Super League Heroes based on the China Super League IPs.

Recently, Crazy Sports’ “Dream Super League” game received an official approval from China Super League.

The Company will pool in resources from its sport tournament platform, leveraging the launch of a football game community “Fantasy” to facilitate the exchange of goods and services in duty-free shops, hotels and air travel services, etc., via this reward points exchange platform to boost tourism consumption.

Crazy Sports focuses on sports games, and has successively entered into customized cooperation with China, the United Kingdom, Spain, the United States, Russia, Brazil, Australia, the Philippines and other global sports game research and development institutions.

It has just released live China Super League, China Super League Hero, Green Dynasty, Fantasy Football World, Sociable Football, as well as excellent sports games in football, basketball, tennis, bowling, racing, etc.

These have gradually contributed to nurturing of Crazy Sports’ leadership in feature sports IPs, core fan base and sports channel interconnectivity and global sports game development support system, and supporting the Group’s positioning as a leader in the sports game industry in China.

Positioned as China’s leading stock in sports gaming, V1 Group has seen its reorganisation, sports tournament platform integrating quiz games, reward points system and its custom-built “Dream Super League” approved by the Hainan authorities and China Super League, respectively, and successfully secured the FIFPro IP official authorization to kick-start a UEFA Euro strategy.

These developments are positive. While Crazy Sports has become the focus of attention in the Internet sports industry in China, it is also evolving, with a limited footprint, into a new giant in the Internet sports and entertainment industry.

About V1 Group

V1 Group is a top-100 internet enterprise in China and a leading sports lottery and entertainment service provider in the country. It operates sports lottery new retail business and sports related entertainment services through Crazy Sports Group which comprises (i) Crazy Red Insights APP, a paid sports lottery information services platform, (ii) Crazy Sports APP, a match information, live-streaming and social interactive platform; (iii) online mobile interactive game applications, and (iv) a new strategy in the provision of sales services of lottery tickets through nationwide retail channels in China.

The Group is a leading internet lottery fans sports community and lottery information distribution platform in China. Guided by sports marketisation, connectivity and digitalisation, we are dedicated to forge a comprehensive culture and sports ecosystem to provide reliable sports products and services for the vast Chinese sports enthusiasts.

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