Uni-Lions at bat
The Uni-Lions in action in the CPBL

Editor’s note: This is the first in a series of four interviews today. Each will focus on a different team in this season’s CPBL (professional baseball) league here in Taiwan.

Currently the only professional baseball league underway anywhere in the world, it is getting huge attention from fans and casual observers alike.

In the past few weeks four new English language fan groups – one supporting each of the teams in the league – has popped up on Twitter.

The Uni-Lions Bench during a game in Tianmu
Up next?

This is their story:

How did you first hear of the CPBL?
I first heard of the CPBL from The Baseball Brit who is a loud voice for the sport of baseball in the UK.
I love watching baseball and with a vast majority of sport not on at the moment, getting involved with running a fan account and giving exposure to a league needing it overseas, I thought it was a win for everyone.
What did you make of the first game last Sunday?
I loved the game on Sunday. Having done my research on the CPBL, I was pleasantly surprised when it didn’t become a home-run-derby in the later innings but instead turned to a game of unforced errors and tactical play.
The Lions and Brothers couldn’t have done a better job in showing what the league can be for many first time viewers, like myself.
What made you choose the Lions?
Honestly? not a lot. Baseball Brit mentioned the three other teams needing a fan account (Guardians, Lions and Monkeys) and I created the account.
I loved the Lions logo and the colour schemes and, being a big uniform guy, the lion on the hats was a plus.
Uni-Lion's 2nd baseman CJ Wu
Lions’ 2nd baseman CJ Wu

What do you know about them?

I know that they’re one of the four oldest clubs, and that they have a rich history in winning.
One of our growing-stars Chih-Chieh is dynamic and powerful and looks to hopefully cement his legacy by breaking the CPBL home run record within the next few years.
And that we have a familiar face in Feierabend who has played for the Rangers, Mariners and Blue-Jays in the MLB.
What message would you send to the teams or the CPBL if you could?
To the Lions players: Please keep winning and keep up the consistency. Feierabend proved his dependability in the first game; now we just need to start connecting with pitches more and making the most of when we get on base.
To the Lions organisation: People love merchandise and a small European site selling jerseys or hats would go an extraordinarily long way – your fans want to engage with you and support you but are currently unable to.
Also it would be nice to also see a Twitter account and some interaction with me and Tainan based Lions fa  Tom (ChapelTom on Twitter) to engage fans.
To the CPBL: Clean up the website and make a small dedicated English section telling new viewers easily how they can engage with the sport, how to watch, the teams, etc. and not just the history about the league.

Follow the Uni-Lions English language fan account on Twitter here

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