Taiwan presents Jordan with surgical masks
Taiwan presents Jordan with surgical masks

Taiwan’s Executive Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs, Tuesday presided over a ceremony in which Jordan became the latest recipient nation of donated Taiwanese surgical masks.

In addition to the masks, Taiwan also donated four thermal imaging cameras.

Accepting the gift on behalf of the Jordanian Business Office in Taiwan, Dr. Nabeel Al-Tel recognised that Jordan and Taiwan are working together to fight the COVID-19 pandemic with the former also aiding fleeing Syrian refugees.

The 200,000 masks donated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be shared between those fighting the virus in hospitals and medical institutions in Jordan as well as those working to ensure the safety of Syrians trying to escape the fighting to the north of Jordan.

For almost a decade Jordan has worked with agencies around the world to aid those caught up in the civil war in Syria, and took the opportunity to confirm this will continue, in part, by way of the humanitarian assistance offered by Taiwan under the “Taiwan can help, and Taiwan is helping” umbrella.

To date, whilst Taiwan has seen 440 cases of the coronavirus in its 23 million population, with seven confirmed deaths, Jordan (population almost 10 million) has seen 576 cases of the virus lead to nine deaths.

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