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Live-streaming Event and Online Games Set for March 10-11

YAMAGATA, Japan, March 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Yamagata Prefectural Government will hold a live-streaming event on “LINE Travel” of Taiwan on March 10th, 2021, to let Taiwanese people know more about the charms of Yamagata Prefecture, even during the coronavirus pandemic.

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The event will feature peipeini, a popular Taiwanese YouTuber known for posting travel and cosmetics information online, and travel writer ‘3a‘, known for introducing his travel experiences in foreign countries, centering on Japan.

3a was appointed an extraordinary ambassador in 2018, in charge of promoting tourism and “Tsuyahime” (a type of rice, which took Yamagata Prefecture 10 years to develop).

During the live-streaming event, there will also be a lottery event offering gifts from Yamagata Prefecture including an accommodation voucher for Yamagata Kaku Hotel & Spa and “Tsuyahime” rice.

C: Sam Lee – Unsplash

Details of the live-streaming event

– Event date: March 10, 2021, from 20:00 to 21:00

– Contents of the live-streaming event

20:00 – 20:05 Live-streaming begins, participants to be introduced
20:05 – 20:15 Basic information on Yamagata Prefecture (geography, climate, access, etc.)
20:15 – 20:23 Recommended sightseeing spots in Yamagata Prefecture (Murayama region: Ginzan Onsen, “Snow monsters” (trees that covered in snow and ice) of Mount Zao, etc.)
20:23 – 20:31 Recommended sightseeing spots in Yamagata Prefecture (Mogami and Okitama regions: Mogami River Boat Ride, Uesugi Shrine, etc.)
20:31 – 20:38 1st round of the lottery event
20:38 – 20:46 Introducing cuisines from Yamagata Prefecture (Rice “Tsuyahime”, Beef “Yonezawa Gyu”, etc.)
20:46 – 20:54 Recommended sightseeing spots in Yamagata Prefecture (Shonai region: Kamo Aquarium, Mount Haguro)
20:54 – 21:02 2nd round of the lottery event, live-streaming ends

LINE Travel, operated by LINE Corporation, is the online travel media with the highest user rate among online users in Taiwan.

Note – The live-streaming timing could change depending on the Internet environment.

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