In recent years, social media has undergone some considerable changes.

Being a social media marketer or a business owner, you use social media platforms to increase your reach, so you need to bring these changes into your knowledge. 

Blockchain technology has positively affected many distinct industries, and no doubt, social media is one of them.

Businesses utilizing social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., to set up their brands and business could very shortly perceive that all their investment may go in vain.

The businesses and their customers might think that they are facing a real disruption when they are utilizing tailored blockchain technologies for social media platforms.

However, blockchain technology has become one of the best strategic technologies in the year 2021.

There are some fated trends which you should closely monitor to prepare your start-up for the upcoming blockchain-enabled social media marketing.

Below are 5 must-know trends you should definitely check out.

1. Growing Interest In Verified Online Identities

Lately, there is an inevitable rise in the ‘bot problems’ on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Therefore, to expand marketing return on investment, companies are keenly looking for customer outreach platforms. Being smarter and playing on a safer side while not diving into the ‘black hole’ of social media marketing, companies want to engage with the customers who have their identities verified through blockchain technology.

Thus, being undefended against underhand pay per click or impressions.

2. Verifying Marketplaces

Marketplace verification is also a trending subject that is the same as identity verification, and its consequences on blockchain’s social media platforms.

There are virtual marketplaces created to enhance particular company requirements and to help them come in contact with similar-minded companies and sellers.

While blockchain technology becomes more renowned and conventional, marketplace verification will help its potential growth.

The capacity to market with verified sellers and businesses will surely make marketing easier. The reason behind it is that they will know what you are dealing with, thereby decreasing cumbersome marketing attempts and boosting ROI simultaneously. 

3. Alluring Amalgamation Of Blockchain Technology And Cryptocurrencies

When brought on social media networking platforms, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are an exciting combination suggested by April Gilmore of ClickFirst.

Social media users get the choice of platforms from which to network when a dispersed platform becomes acceptable.

A capability to gain amounts of cryptocurrency for online affairs can tempt users to such platforms where their involvement in the widening of the platform is praised, i.e. a platform which will reward the users for promoting it. 

Let us take an example; consider the period you sit on any of the particular social media platforms, then think if every post you make will profit you with some amount of cryptocurrency, which you may utilize.

This way of a coded network of social media is quite captivating.

4. The Future Of Social Media: Influenced By Cryptocurrency And Blockchain Collectibles

The fourth trend is the conjunction of blockchain technology and collectibles from cryptocurrency and how it affects the time ahead of social media and its utilization.

In recent years there is a comprehensive growth in the cryptocurrency collectible industry, where people along with Crypto Kitties are becoming attracted, and gaining millions of dollars for funding to investors.

Although some people may consider this initial investment sought as not more than any mobile game, yes, these collectible companies are planning to bring their games to platforms like Android or IOS, this technology becomes more expounded as soon as the sub-markets are built beyond the crypto collectible game.

5. Blockchain Technology: Solution To Social Networking Problems

By the end of the year 2019, we had around 2.77 billion social media users worldwide.

Furthermore, this is the upcoming trend of blockchain technology.

Applications, including blockchain technologies, will let you solve social media platforms like viral scandals, data control, and violation of privacy.

With blockchain applications, all personal data present on social media will remain unexplored and redundant.

Apart from this, the users will have an opportunity to feed the information more securely.

This technology also certifies that more authority over the content is in the creator’s hands rather than being in the hands of the platform owner.

Therefore, this lends more power to the user as the user has all the control in his hands, whether it be what to make open, and what not to release.

The most intimidating job is to convince social media channels to do the same; this can be done as per their will or various privacy laws.

Benefits Of Blockchain Technology In Social Media:

The involvement of blockchain technology in social media marketing and several other industries has brought about tremendous changes. These changes have proven to be very profitable for users.

A few of the benefits are discussed below:

Verification Of News And Other Information:

Fake accounts are created almost everywhere on social media platforms. To verify the accounts, whether fake or real, is a critical use of blockchain technology.

Fake accounts provide fake information to their audience, which becomes instrumental in fostering bad situations. 

Gives Controllability: 

Users who have their accounts over social media platforms and want to opt for adequate security options can easily do it through blockchain technology.

They can control who can view their social media accounts and how much.

To get control over the information you want people to see, you can control the visibility of the posts.

This gives full control over social presence.

Boosts Crowdfunding:

Any individual or a group of people who want to run crowdfunding campaigns are also  benefiting because of this technology.

From start-ups raising funds for their growth to charity for NGOs, blockchain provides a private, safe, and transparent platform on which to run crowdfunding.

Freedom Of Speech Is Promoted:

Users of the social media platforms are entitled to the right of freedom of speech, and to protect this, they are furnished with control over users who can gain access to their social media accounts.

Provides A Solution For Social Media Issues:

The integration and unification of blockchain technology with social media platforms has provided straightforward solutions for several social media platforms’ problems.

All the problems related to issues of social media can be sorted using blockchain technology.

These are a few benefits of the blockchain technology being used in social media.

Many individuals and businesses have gained a lot through this technology resulting in higher benefits, more transparency, lower costs, better traceability, and utmost efficiency.

Furthermore, some companies and businesses are heading towards adopting and incorporating blockchain technology into their business to get enhanced results.

This technology has revamped the methods and ways to run individual businesses and companies.

Social media, financial firms, IT firms, small and large scale businesses are all fields that can churn the best results from this technology when used in the right manner. 

Undoubtedly, blockchain technology has proved to be one of the most significant and encouraging technologies in recent years with its immense usage in various industries.

Therefore, blockchain app development companies are successful in attracting businesses looking to enforce this technology in their business to skyrocket their profits.

In the upcoming days, the integration of social networking sites and blockchain will provide an unquestionable experience to their users.

So, learn more about the technology and don’t miss an opportunity that might knock at your door disguised as a blockchain technology project.

Happy learning.  

About the author: Bhavik Soni is a Creative Writer at Auto Monkey providing original analysis of the latest happenings in the social media industry.

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