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Ukraine President Zelensky has serious accusations against Ukraine. He said that Russians are preparing to blow up a dam. The dam is at a hydroelectric power plant in southern Ukraine. This can become a large-scale disaster if it happens, Zelensky said. This also comes amid Russia’s urge to destroy Ukraine’s energy resources.

The dam in the hydro plant is the Kakhovka dam. The Dnieper river complements this dam. Zelensky also said in his overnight address that Russians have mined the dam already. The dam is under Russian forces. But Ukraine is strategically closing in to save it.

The dam is logistically important for Russia. It is one of the remaining routes in the Dnieper river across the Kherson region. Russia also accused Ukraine of firing missiles near the dam. Kherson authorities have said these allegations by Zelensky are baseless. Russian authorities have blamed Ukraine for several other things.

The Institute for the Study of War is from the US. It is an independent think tank. The institute believes that this is a Russian strategy to initiate a false flag attack. Zelensky also told the EU leaders about the situation. However, he said that Russia wants Ukraine to face severe problems in winter. The Ukrainian population received orders to limit power usage for the first time.

Zelensky also warned about the hazards of the destruction of the dam. It can disrupt the water supply to the south of Ukraine. It can also leave Europe’s biggest nuclear power reactor without cooling water. This can be a separate problem for Zaporizhzhia.

Zelensky detailed that the dam holds 18 million cubic meters of water. If the dam breaks, 80 settlements in Ukraine can come in contact with severe flooding. Also, the North Crimean Canal will disappear completely.

The logistics of blowing up a dam are a concern for Russia as well as Ukraine. Regions from both sides will be under severe flooding. There will be a great loss of life. The situation is tense at the dam.

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