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Last year’s Capital riot was a brutal moment in America’s history. A congressional panel is investigating it. The committee has come up with a stern order. The panel now requires ex-president Donald Trump to testify against lawmakers.

The order read that the ex-president was at the center of this effort to overthrow the election. Also, the order continued to say that the ex-president knew this was illegal. The order summoned to Donald Trump is quite clear and bold. It also clearly says that Trump was the man behind the chaos.

The lawyers from Trump’s side have hit back at the summon issued. However, the ex-president argues that this method distracts the people from the elections ahead. This is a tense situation for Donald Trump. He can also face serious criminal charges if he resists.

He and his team should provide all the documents needed by the 4th of November. The main committee will sit on the 6th of January. The ex-president should also appear for the deposition testimony. The testimony is near or on the 14th of November. Mr. Trump’s refusal to testify can shift the case to Dept. of Justice. This move can also lead to criminal proceedings.

The committee for the investigation is looking into the storming of the US Capitol. Ex-president Trump’s supporters also stormed the capitol to overthrow the 2020 election. The election that gave America its oldest President ever, Joe Biden. Seven Democrats and two Republicans voted unanimously against Trump.

Mr. Trump’s legal team has publicly come out against the order. They said that the committee has once again flouted many norms. They released a copy of the subpoena to the public. This is against the norm, as per the lawyers from Trump’s side.

Republicans can come to power in the midterm elections during November. Many political analysts are expecting the return of the Republicans. If they come back, the committee’s work will also stop immediately. This is a normal process in today’s world. With this, Trump will walk free from the serious charges against him.

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