Russia has recently claimed that Kyiv might use a dirty bomb. Kyiv has said that these claims are baseless. Kyiv condemned Russia for making these types of remarks. The dirty bomb has conventional explosives and radioactive material, as per Russia.

Zelensky said that Russia could prepare for this type of attack against Kyiv and Ukraine. Allies of Ukraine also said that these claims are illogical. They denounced the claims, backing up Kyiv. Both Russia and Ukraine are verbally engaging like never before.

The Defense minister of Russia is Sergei Shoigu. He was talking to the defense minister of the UK, Ben Wallace. Sergei also made these remarks on the call with Wallace. Sergei said that there could be provocations from Ukraine’s Kyiv. He even called the US, France, and Turkey. But he never provided any evidence for his claims.

Zelensky struck back with his accusations against Russia. He said that Russia is the source of “everything bad” in this war. He also said that Moscow is threatening the world with a possible nuclear disaster. Zelensky said they could also blow up a dam. Russia said that these claims were baseless.

Mr. Wallace from the UK denounced Sergei’s claims about Ukraine. He declined that Ukraine is taking support from its allies to escalate the war. These claims can be very dangerous. They can become fake news. We should not use them as a pretext for greater escalation later in the war.

The Foreign ministers of the UK, France, and the US released a joint statement based on Sergei’s call. They also said that all allegations were false. Military analysts have said that these statements arrived after Russia’s shortfalls. And most importantly, after Ukraine’s strategic wins over lost territory.

The ISW said that Russia wanted to scare Ukraine’s western allies. They also wanted western support to stop. That is why Mr. Sergei called Ukraine’s allies and lied about the situation. However, this confirms Russia’s desperation over its losses and Kyiv’s hard-earned wins.

Credits: BBC

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